Short Family ’14

Short Family Portrait Session

First let me just say that I love this little family!  Estelle and Mark have the cutest little kids and Estelle is the absolute sweetest!  When I first got to her house her kids greeted me right away, both wearing the cutest little cowboy/cowgirl boots!  We went outside and just started playing in the backyard.  Finlay (I love her name!) loved having her picture taken and showing off her beautiful ballet moves.  Patrick is a little ham, cute to boot with his curls and fun loving nature.  At one point I said okay Patrick I want you to hug Finlay like you love her, he walked right up to her, gave her a big hug and said “I love you Finlay!” (melt my heart).   He’s a boy after my own heart carrying around his blanky (yes I still have mine and I’m so not afraid to admit it!) and he loved running around, it was a blast!  
What I love about these images is how they capture the kids spirits, goofy, bright eyed and fun.  I had a blast running around in the backyard with them, getting pictures of Patrick playing with the bark of trees and letting Finlay take her own pictures with my camera.  Mostly I love that some of these images include their blankey’s and stuffed animals.  In order to capture them at this age and to really freeze time you have to get pictures that include these things.  There will be a day when they won’t want to run around and get goofy pictures of them being just truly giggly and carrying around a blankey.  This is why I can’t get enough of children’s photography, it captures spirits that are genuine because kids at this age don’t know to be anything but themselves. 🙂  They are so alive, and I love it! 
Estelle and Mark thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet your gorgeous family and for having me meet your extended family to take more pictures!  Your family is beautiful inside and out and I loved getting to know you all!  

I absolutely love these.  They are so fun and just make me smile.  

Patrick, you look so pensive for a two year old! 

Estelle, these are so on my “Loves” list.  

Little hams! 


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