Snow Bunny Winnie

Snow Bunny Winnie

It’s a snow day!! Thank goodness too because I really needed a day to catch up and get my head wrapped around what’s coming up in the next few weeks!  Let me start by saying that I’m not like one of those people who dreads snow, hates the mess and wish it would never happen… I love snow.  I mean really, truly, deeply love love love snow!  I love everything about it!  Mostly I love how bright and clean everything looks.  I love to play in the snow, I love to sit inside and snuggle up with movies when it snows and I love hot chocolate!  So I’m pleased with even the small amount of snow we got here in Richmond, and am welcoming more!  
This morning the school system teased us with the idea that it would be only a two hour delay, so I fell back asleep for a little while and woke up with the idea that I was going to work.  A welcomed surprise when I checked twitter and realized we were closed!  I’m a little concerned that I didn’t get the phone call to tell you the truth but none the less, I’m home instead of in 3rd block.  
I woke up, looked outside, smiled (of course, it’s so pretty!), grabbed Winnie, her ball and my camera and headed out to play in the snow.  She loved it and I love how her apricot coat stands out amongst the white snow!  We had a blast but after awhile of catch and some very cold fingers (need to get better gloves…), we headed back inside to veg and get work done.  For all those who have a snow day today, have fun!  

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