If there is one thing I’ve come to appreciate more than anything in this small growing business, it’s returning families.  For many reasons, we get to know each other over our time, everyone becomes more comfortable, the images are better and above everything, I get to see these families grow!  I love it!  Take the Palmer family for instance, they were the first family I ever took portraits of.  The first time we worked together there was just two girls and then in just one year you add Hattie to the mix.  It’s amazing how in just one year things can be so different, the kids are climbing trees, running around, talking, sitting up for the first time, and the dynamics change with each of these milestones.  Obviously the core is the same and the heart of the family is the same but in one year’s time there are so many more little things that probably go unnoticed amongst the day to day but for an outsider coming in, they are so apparent! I love it!

Then you have the Brannock family who consistently has me take pictures for Lucas’ big milestones.  Today is our third session in 6 months, we did a 6 month session, 9 months (which perfectly coincided with christmas) and now he’s 1 year old!  I love that Jacquelyn and Quest value capturing these milestones because so much changes during this time of his development.  From being able to smile to sitting up and then standing up and walking!

It’s because the my milestone sessions with Lucas that I realized how valuable this is for families and so I’m introducing a new package offer for my families.  I’ve always had “The Basic” package which is just a two hour portrait session.  I’ve had more and more families and couples (who are also families, let’s be real!) schedule these sessions but I’ve also started to have families wanting to book sessions for the future and so I’m now offering “The Milestones” package which includes three to five sessions over the course of a year, with priority scheduling for a Holiday session.  For families with new babies this is the perfect way to book in advance and ensure that none of those little milestones go unnoticed.   While perfect for new families, I love working with any family and this package is good for anyone who knows they want to book more than one session in a year!   I’ll even work with you at the end of the year to pick prints that would work well in story boards for your walls, and to design “yearbooks” if your interested in albums that highlight each of your sessions throughout the year.

Check my website for more information on the investment.  If you have a growing family, I’d love to talk to you about scheduling your Milestone sessions so please contact me, even if you just want to talk without committing.

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