Lucas is 1!

Lucas is one year old and couldn’t be cuter!  He has teeth, he can babble on, he can stand and he his mobile!  I couldn’t believe it when he started climbing the stairs to go up and show me his crib!  

I got up to their home early-ish on Sunday morning and could still see the decorations from his “Wild Things” birthday party.  It was so cute, he even had the crown!  Since this was a one year session we also used more props than we have in the past.  Jacquelyn and Quest had balloons in his crib, we hung streamers, had him sit in his big boy chairs and even took some pictures with his original newborn photos.  🙂  
I’ve said it before but I can’t say it enough how much fun I have with Milestone Sessions.  I know the families, I know the kids and I get to see them grow!  Quest cooked us all burgers when I went up for this session and I got to sit with him, Jac and Lucas and we all ate together, quite different from our last sessions.    His cute little teeth popping out show off how fast he is growing, and I can’t wait until the next time I see him when he’ll most likely be walking!  Even though he physically looks older he is still the same smiling and giggly little flirt he was at 6 months old!
Enjoy some of Lucas’ one year milestone photos, I just love them and of course him! 

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