Meet Stella

Well Winnie and I have a few new roomies, one of which is another four legged friend, Stella!  We just moved into a townhouse (still renting), and are loving it!  Now while Stella is a new roomie, she is by no means a new dog.  She is 4 years old and has been around since Sterling and I officially started dating.  I won’t lie, we didn’t always see eye to eye, a new relationship with a new puppy, both needing attention… you get it.  But over time we’ve grown to really love each other.  What I first saw as needy is really just her big heart loving everyone and wanting to be involved.  She watches you and takes in your movement.  Winnie loves everyone but doesn’t connect with people quite like Stella does.  With her certain people, Stella tunes into you and your feelings.  I swear when she’s watching me I can tell she’s just absorbing my feelings whether they are happy, sad, down or enthused.  She comes off as tough but is really incredibly sensitive and aware of her place in things.  A lot of people have asked me if Winnie and her get along and the answer is a huge yes.  They are definitely like sisters, they love each other but sometimes fight over toys and bicker like sisters do.

So here’s Stella (with a few of Winnie mixed in, don’t judge her hair… I promise we just gave her a short hair cut!).


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