Hadley – Milestone Session

Meet Hadley, the sweetest little four month old!  Her Mom Catie is a camp girl and so we’ve known each other since I was a young camper.  She is also a real estate agent, so if you’re looking to buy a house in the Richmond area you should give her a call!  Her growing family is so cute and very easy going.  We met at her high school’s grounds to take pictures at their scenic locations.  Judson, her husband, was there too and he great, very easy to talk to, so helpful with Hadley and willing to do anything to get great pictures!

Hadley takes after her parents with her easy going nature.  She was calm and collected the whole time and was perfectly content in any position we placed her.  She is also beautiful!  I’ve never seen eyes that are as reflective as hers!  In each picture is looks like her eyes are different colors, green, blue, because of whatever she is looking at.  In many of them, if you look closely you can even see me with the camera!  It’s wild, and so beautiful!

This is the first milestone with Hadley (ps. I am obsessed with her name) which I love because I get to see this little girl grow up in front of the lens.  I love these images from the first session with Hadley and am looking forward to more to come!

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