Summer is Here!

It’s happening, this is real life, summer is…. almost here!  I say almost because as I’m blogging this I still have a half day of teaching in my future and when this publishes at 8am, there will still be four hours of school left… so let’s fast forward and pretend that it’s already 12pm….

SUMMER IS HERE!  I can barely stand it I am so excited!  I am ready to sit back and eat watermelon on warm nights, play corn hole with friends and go to the beach!  I’m also so ready to go swimming, at the pool, at the river, at the beach, it doesn’t matter where I just love to be in the water. 🙂

To celebrate summer and the time I have and hopefully you have, I’m offering a special deal AND some fun summer portrait ideas! The first 20 people to book a session between now and September 10th using the promo code SCHOOLS-OUT will get 25% off their session!  Yes you read correctly the first 20 people, not 5 or 10 but 20!

You may be thinking, well it’s not time for the christmas cards to get sent out so why would I want a portrait session in the summer?   The summer is the perfect time for portraits and you can bet there is a blog post coming your way with the top reasons to back this claim.  For now, I want to share with you the SUMMER SPECIALS.  These are three portrait themes that are perfect for this time of year.  They each capture the fun that summer offers and I’m so excited to share!


 SPLISH SPLASH: Let’s get the kids together, hook up the sprinklers and let them play! This is the perfect time to celebrate your kids just being kids, free, fun and full of life! 
 OFF TO COLLEGE: Senior portraits are always a good idea and if your family or someone you know has delayed getting them done, it’s not too late! Let’s capture their young spirit before they head off to school. Even better, you’ll want to add in the other family members to celebrate this milestone! 
 BEST BUDS: Summer is all about having time to reconnect with people. You’re not stuck inside anymore and you want to be social. These sessions are perfect to capture your little ones and their best buds, join up with another family and go in on a session together! This is also a great option for rising freshman who want pictures with their friends before they head of to school. 

Interested?!  Contact me now to book using the promo code SCHOOLS-OUT.  If you’re one of the first 20 people you’ll get 25% off your session fee!

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