The Healy Sisters!

Diana and I have known each other for years!  Since high school actually because we share a mutual friend, Jill, who I went to high school with and Diana went to elementary and middle school with.  We sometimes get to see each other when I’m home in Baltimore which is always a treat because we have so much in common.  We both come from big, italian, catholic families, we’re both teachers and so we both have small business ventures!  Diana is a Stella and Dot rep and so when she approached me about an idea to join forces, I jumped right on it!

She came to me with the idea of having a Stella and Dot party and then offering discounted portrait sessions for anyone who purchases x amount of jewelry.  I loved the idea because I don’t have a big network of clients back home in Baltimore, and this felt like a perfect way to expand my client base. It was a great day, we got to hang out and look through the catalog and meet new people!

As part of the day Diana asked that we do a session with her and her sister.  Her other sister (she is one of five kids) was at home studying for exams but we did get images with two sisters and some extra special images of jewelry that is very close to their hearts.  The girls have pendents engraved with their father’s initials and so when they asked me to incorporate this jewelry and the pieces they chose to wear in memory of him, I knew I had to make these the best I possibly could.  They probably got tired of me taking over a dozen images of the same thing just so I could make sure that it was tack sharp but I knew it was important.

These girls are so different but so alike in many ways.  They are both sweet, loving and loyal to their family.  Angela, Diana’s sister, came to help her sister set up and stayed the whole time, trying on different jewelry and doing anything to help make the day run smoothly.  What a great sister, what a great family!

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