Reflections Series: JUNE

Reflection Series:

The Best Advice from JUNE

I know, I know, it’s not July yet.  It may seem weird to start a Reflection Series starting with June when June hasn’t finished yet, but I’m doing it anyway.  I’m doing this now because I have gotten some of the best advice and help this past month and I need to share it.  If I don’t it will become something that I was going to blog about and then it got pushed to the side and forgot about.  So i’m committing to doing this now because, it’s important.  
This past month, having more time to relax and dive into my business, I’ve taken the time to invest in education.  Education in my business that is.  I’ve recently felt a little stuck, as though I’m not making progress and I needed some help to move forward.  So I invested.  Not just money, but time and even more important, I asked for help.  What ended up happening was exactly what I needed, good advice that changed the way I view my business and gave me the momentum and direction towards goals.  So here is the best advice I got from June that I so desperately needed.  

Be Consistent and Show Up.  

It’s simple and obvious but it struck a cord with me.  How can others know when to tune in and pay attention if I’m not consistent.  While watching Katelyn James‘ “Come Together Event” and her webinar with a friend, she really pushed this notion of consistency.  It’s an obvious notion so why is this a light bulb moment for me?  It means planning in advance.  Making a calendar, scheduling posts, thinking in advance about the purpose of my blog posts and then executing it.  Well folks, I’m working on it, I’m not going to be perfect, but I’m trying.  

Pour Love Into Others, Serve Others

This business should be about more than just me.  It should be about serving clients and providing something to them that they want and can’t get anywhere else.  The truth is that I love my clients and I love their families and working with them, but I was in the wrong frame of mind before.  I was blogging for me, working for me, and expecting this to continue to grow.  When Amy and Jordan said to pour love into others it just clicked, like a duh moment.  Do more for others.  

Let Others In

Another duh moment for me happened when I heard this, “let others in”.  If I’m going to blog, I need to blog about more than just sessions and packaging, it has to also be about the person behind the lens.  If I want people get involved then I should open up and let people get to know me.  I need to let others in, be myself and show those who take the time and commit to reading this to see me as the person I am, to hear my voice instead of the voice of the who I think I’m supposed to be. 

Rising Tides Lift All Ships

After meeting with a friend, she reminded me of something that I really needed to hear.  Helping others, will not push me backwards.  She reminded me of a really powerful movement called the Rising Tide Society, which if you haven’t checked out, is truly fantastic.  The premise behind the Rising Tide Society is that “rising tides lift all ships”.   Meaning helping others can only help everyone as a whole.  I needed this advice and it made me appreciate all those who have listened to me and helped me.  The friends and loved ones and fellow photographers who have answered questions, looked at my work, gave me advice, read my blog and was my support system.  It’s only fair to share the support for others because if I didn’t have those who helped me and believed in me I would never have opened my Facebook page or launched my website or started this business.  I needed them and I want to be there for anyone who needs me.  

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