Cross Country Trip – Round 2

Cross Country Trip – Round 2! 

It’s happening!  Again!  I’m traveling across the country to LA with one of my oldest friends from Camp! Last time I drove across the country we went from Atlanta to San Diego (view the recap from the blog here) and this time we are driving from Richmond, Virginia to Los Angeles, California!  
A few weeks ago I was sitting in my house thinking about how all I wanted to do was a big summer adventure.  I have friends that are planning or already went on trips to places like the Bahamas, Chicago and more and I desperately wanted to get up and go somewhere!  Well as if I had a direct line up to God and my request was placed on overnight shipping, I got an email from my friend Elysia the next day!  She started off by saying she had this crazy proposition for me and little did she know I was looking for an opportunity exactly like this!  
She asked if I would join her in driving her car all the way to LA where she is starting a new job in the beginning of August.  I responded immediately with a big YES and then proceeded to call my parents to tell them the exciting news.  I am pumped to say the least and can not wait to see some similar sites as last time but also some amazing new sites!  
We sat down yesterday to plan out the details of the trip and sketched out where we will stay each day.  Now I’m turning to you guys, take a look at our itinerary and let us know where we should eat, stop to take a picture or other places we have to see/go along the way!  


Nashville, Tennessee 
Birmingham, Alabama
New Orleans, Louisiana 
Austin, Texas 
Roswell, New Mexico
Farmington, New Mexico 
Four Corners (New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado) 
Monument Valley 
Grand Canyon, Arizona 
Las Vegas, Nevada 
Los Angeles, California 

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