Taylor Senior Session

First let me just say that this family is AMAZING!  I took their holiday card images last fall and it was perfect!  Brandy (Taylor’s mom) always comes prepared with outfit changes, props, benches, chairs, you name it and it will be there!  This session was no different.  Taylor was beyond prepared, she had scouted out a place that had multiple backdrops and scenes to shoot in, we’re talking fields, vineyard, barn, river!  I got there and just kept thinking “this is going to be incredible” and sure enough it was!  They brought tons of outfits, chairs, flowers, glitter and more.  You may think that this sounds overwhelming but honestly it is so fun and helpful when clients come with ideas and props.

Beyond being prepared with props and location, Taylor was prepared to rock it and did she ever!  She had the model face going and was ready to try any pose I threw at her.  Her confidence is radiating through these images and I LOVE them!

As I drove to meet them the beautiful sun was starting to duck away and these huge thunderstorm clouds were gathering.  I kept hoping and praying that they would clear miraculously because it was pretty ominous.  As we pulled up to the field though the clouds parted, lite rain fell but this gorgeous light peered through the clouds.  It could not have been better!  We put on the rain boots, sprayed the bug & tick spray and went marching through the high grass and wild flowers.  Ps. I have always wondered how people take these gorgeous shots in fields without getting bit by bugs and ticks (I have a huge fear of ticks), the answer – rain boots and bug & tick spray (thank goodness for Brandy!)

Taylor was ready and willing to do it all, get in the river, lay in the river, sit in the high grass, you name it, she trusted me to try it!  I’m so glad she did because I can’t get enough of these images.  Taylor you are GORGEOUS!  These images are gorgeous and so much of it has to do with you and how prepared you were!  Thank you!! I absolutely loved working with you, you are going to rock senior year girl!  Enjoy!

This little dog and his friend scared me so bad as they slinked through the high grass!  They were so sweet though and hung out with us the whole time! 


Model Status! 

When her adorable boyfriend showed up to surprise her!  And then let me sit on his shoulders to get a better angle… He’s the cutest! 

Yeah, you know your client is the best when they ask to get a shot laying in the water!! 

Taylor girl, I love ya! Thanks for a great day, I hope you love these as much as I do!

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