Fuzzy Sock Talk – Celebrating October

You know that song “Thank God it’s Friday night, and I just (just, just, just) got paid!” well picture me, on the couch, The Killing (Netflix show) is on in the background, singing to myself “Thank God it’s Oc-to-ber and I duh duh duh duh duh deh dah!” (the end is naturally nonverbal just sounds because I can’t think of anything exceptional to fill in for the last part).  Yes I did just get paid but… then I paid my bills so.. in any case, let’s move on.  I am officially pumped for fall and this post has some interesting timing because while I’m here talking about why I am so thankful for October, the most recent “Whine About It” episode was all about why he hates Fall!  Filth, i declare!  I’m not even a pumpkin spice latte fan but I love fall and I’m feeling a little more at peace now that it is finally here.  

So honesty time… this September was hard for me going back to school.  I don’t know what it was, I mean I am teaching a different grade level but I just felt out of my element.  I didn’t find myself dancing at my classroom door in the morning or singing them directions to start their bell ringer and to be honest, not feeling 100% myself just made it feel worse because being with my students is usually my top 5 happiest times.  I think what is hard about the first few weeks of school is that you’re in overdrive and you’re coming off vacation where you have a bounty of free time.  Then you’re meeting all new kids, getting into the swing of things, practicing expectations and doing more content review.  Thankfully this year I have awesome kids!  Really really really really great kids, and I love being around them.  And now that it is October, I’m feeling back in my A game and ready to rock.

So what’s different?  Routine, routine, routine and the joy of fall. 🙂  It may be cheesey but I don’t care because I’m about to bring a whole lot more sap.   Seriously I love fall and I’m here to give you my reasons for why I’m so grateful for October.

An Ode to October: (without the poem or rhyming aspect…)

The Clothes! Scarves!  I LOVE wrapping up in scarves, they are my favorite accessory and I probably wear a different scarf everyday.  Pairing a great scarf with a skirt with tights, a button up, and boots?  Yes please!  I’m not trying to be materialistic but fall clothes and even winter clothes, make me happy.  I’m not a person who shows a lot of skin so I tend to feel uncomfortable in summer clothes.  Let me bundle up though and I am a happy kitten.  🙂 And in case I didn’t drive home the point… scarves. 🙂  (You really should see my wall of scarves at home… it’s a bit of a problem.)

The Climate & The Colors: Like I said, I like bundling up (I mean hello this is the Fuzzy Sock Talk Series) and I love that fall is chilly but not too cold.  I love going outside and just being comfortable without having to layer up like crazy or run for air conditioning.  Take me to Belle Isle on a fall day with my camera, a scarf and my boots and I am in heaven soaking up all of the color!  For any of you fall haters out there come join me for fall in October and November when the leaves change and tell me it isn’t the prettiest season, everything just seems brighter!

The Content: October is the month of school where I am no longer reviewing previous science material like safety rules, metric system and experimental design and I am finally getting into Physical Science Content.  Once I get into new material, I just feel alive in my room again.  The kids are curious and perked up, they participate more and we can explore new things.  Right now we are working on Newton’s Laws of Motion and we just ordered 30 constant speed buggies!! You have no idea how excited I am to put batteries in these bad boys and get the kids involved in some hands on speed labs.  🙂

The Routine: (Side note, I just realized that all of my previous topics started with C… I tried to make this a C but I couldn’t think of how to rephrase routine to a word starting with C).  I am a creature of habit.  I like to get into routines because I know what to expect and how to schedule my time.  When I’m in a constant routine I’m better at getting curve balls sent my way because everything else is in order.  The nice part about October is that we’ve been in school for a month and it feels good to be able to see out in front of myself and predict what will be coming my way.  It’s been hard to maintain a good blogging schedule while at school but now that I’m back in my groove, little pieces will hopefully all fall back into place.  Even these little things like when to take the dogs out and when I’m eating dinner feels better when it consistent.

October, don’t listen to the haters making you feel like you are basic.  You aren’t, you’re lovely and I’m grateful for you!  You’re more than just the pumpkin spice lattes, heck you’ve got halloween and football tailgates and gorgeous landscapes with the perfect temperatures.  You do you October because I’m lovin it!

Alexandra Michelle Photography- Belvedere Plantation- Fall 15 --1

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