Our First Christmas Tree!

The best decision I have made so far in December was to take a personal day on Thursday to go get my christmas tree!  I’m not one to just miss work and I never take personal days unless I have to go out of town for a wedding or something of that caliber.  However, when Sterling told me he wouldn’t be in town the only weekend I had available to get the tree I decided that this is probably what personal days are for right? 

This personal day was seriously the best though.  The stars aligned perfectly because right after I put in for the personal day, I got a serious cold that hit it’s ultimate timing on Wednesday (day before said personal day).  So Thursday morning came around and I got to sleep in a little bit and casually wake up to do some laundry.  I got caught up on Homeland, folded clothes and stayed in my PJs until about 1pm.  🙂  Then I got dressed to go out to Powhatan to do the thing I have been looking forward to since I first saw the bay windows in our apartment.  We were off to cut down our very first tree.

We got to Nuckols Christmas Tree Plantation and realized that we made a pretty significant mistake.  Cash.  We didn’t bring any cash.  (whoops).  Note to others:  Check if the plantation requires cash or check vs. card.    Well luckily their was a bank right down the street from the farm so this mistake was really not a big deal (luckily).

And so started the search.  We walked around the entire farm checking out all of the trees, and I really mean all of the trees.  We got our first choice, second choice and even our fifth choice tree but to be honest, I really wasn’t feeling any of the trees up until this point.  I was feeling a little disheartened.  I mean I wanted this moment to be epic, you know like glowey light that points right to the perfect tree.  The perfect tree that says in it’s cute little chubby voice “Please take me home, I promise I’ll hold your ornaments.” But up until this point… all the trees were saying “My name is tree and I feel meh.”  I’m not trying to be a hater, or a perfectionist, the first few trees we saw would have made the perfect Charlie Brown christmas tree.  Unfortunately, I needed something a little fuller to hold my travel ornaments that I’ve been so excited about!

As if by chance, we saw this lake and out of curiosity decided to go check it out.  We walked up to the lake and what did our glistening eye did appear?  A land of beautiful trees were so near!  Seriously though, there was a hill of nice, plump, full christmas trees!  We walked over and saw tons that we liked, and a lot that had us saying “Don’t worry, next year little tree”.

Near the end of the day, seriously thought it was getting dark, we found our tree!  It’s not perfect but I still love it!  The gaps provide the perfect spot for the dangly ornaments and it has the best top for a big bow!  Check out the pictures of our christmas tree adventure and some of the final product.  Also a note to others, sometimes you need a little you time.  Whether its on a Saturday or a personal day that you plan for just you, take some time to just sit in your PJs, fuzzy socks and just do something for yourself.  You won’t regret it.

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