Holiday Sneak Peaks

This has been a busy season to say the least.  The holiday card season as I like to call it starts for me in October and goes all the way up until mid December.  This year though I started in September and ended about two weeks ago.  Busy but so fun!  There was even two weekends in November when I had a double decker and a triple decker (one on Saturday and two on Sunday).  Like I said… busy but honestly a lot of fun.  From September until December this year I did a total of 10 sessions that were intended for holiday cards of some sort.  That doesn’t include the special portrait sessions such as seniors, newborn or cake smashes 🙂

To be honest this season can go one of two ways, people either want just a few images for their card or they really want to utilize all of their time and do an entire lifestyle session using the entire two hours.  Naturally I prefer the entire lifestyle session because I can get more time to work with the kids and have them be totally comfortable to be themselves.  Of course there are other times when the kids can reach their peak and then they can be done but honestly, even that can go in and out.   That being said, many of the sessions that start off just for holiday cards will lead to a full lifestyle session later on.  Those are the best because then I already know the kids and the family and we are much more relaxed together.  I absolutely love working with families on multiple occasions.  There is another level of challenge to get something new but also a lovely sense of familiarity.

Here are a few sneak peaks from family sessions that out of respect for holiday cards will not make their full debut until after the holidays 🙂  Get excited for these future posts because they are some of the more unique sessions I’ve had 🙂

Oh how I love these Palmer girls! <3Alexandra Michelle Photography Sneak Peaks 2015_0000

The Bostain boys are so precious! Alexandra Michelle Photography Sneak Peaks 2015_0002

The Benaicha family was a hoot!  We had a full lifestyle session and these are gorgeous!Alexandra Michelle Photography Sneak Peaks 2015_0003

The Mullins never disappoint!  Alexandra Michelle Photography Sneak Peaks 2015_0004


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