New Year, “New” Goals

New Year, New Goals
2016 Resolutions

You’re probably wondering why the new in the title is in ” “.  And the answer is simple, my new year resolutions for 2016 aren’t really new because in all honesty it’s more like “let’s give it another go resolutions”.

It’s a new year and I think we all get excited for what this means.  A time to try something new or take a chance at doing  something better.   It’s a time to make a promise to yourself that you’re going to be a better person than last year by doing ____________.  Maybe you’re going to the gym more or trying to give up soda or taking more pictures (and course the Friend’s episode just instantly popped into my head).  The fact is sometimes New Year Resolutions can be personal because it’s admitting to yourself and others a weakness you may have.  Sharing these resolutions though can be so empowering though as it allows us to create our own support system.

Well this year, I’m not just telling my closest friends or just my loved ones – who – wouldn’t notice or judge me either way if I didn’t finish my resolutions.  This year, I’m going to tell all of you in hopes that it will intrinsically  motivate me to keep trying even when the shine of resoltuions wears away.  You know what I mean, when it gets to February and July and the idea of resolutions becomes a distant memory. That’s the time when I need you guys to hold me accountable and keep me going.

So here goes… My 2016 New Year Resolutions

  1. Go to the Gym Routinely – I know I know…. this is the most “basic” and cliche resolution there is but it’s probably the one I want to stick with the most.  I’m a creature of habit so if I make a routine out of it, I’ll keep doing it.  Wish me luck.
  2. Finish my Camp Quilt – This is going to be a whole post in itself but for those who know me really well, you know about this camp quilt.  Yeah, the one I started 7 YEARS AGO and have not been motivated to finish…. 7 YEARS AGO!  I’m putting it on my list yall, this is the year I finish this quilt.  Keep an eye out for the future post.
  3. Drink More Water – I almost wrote the resolution as “Quit Diet Coke” and then I almost wrote “Cut Back on Diet Coke” but then I chickened out… The fact is I’m trying to slowly replace Diet Coke with water and while my brain knows that I should just give it up at this point I’m just not ready to say no for the whole year to Diet Coke. (Sad I know, but true).  So I’m looking at it from a more positive spin – I’m trying to consciously drink more water a day, I’m starting with filling my giant water bottle and trying to finish that each day and then moving to eventually drinking two a day.
  4. Blog Consistently – We’ve talked about this before friends and admittingly blogging is still something that I have to actively try to do.  I’m hoping to be more consistent so it feels more natural over time.

Brag Tag Moment!  It’s day three of my New Year Resolutions and so far I’ve been to the gym every morning (which I almost swore I would never be able to do) and I haven’t had a Diet Coke since Sunday (it’s kind of killing me softly, but that’s okay)!  Wish me luck, I’m hoping to keep it up but I know I’m not perfect and will definitely slip up.

What are your resolutions?  Comment below and share!

One thought on “New Year, “New” Goals

  1. Great, realistic things to do this year! If I was you I would have to work on the quilt every other weekend to really get it done or else December would roll around and it would be chaos. That’s just me though. I don’t think I have any resolutions actually- the only one I can think of would be to spend more time outside. This is easy on days I don’t work but on working days I rarely am outside. Great post and good luck!

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