Getting Inspired by Others.

Getting Inspired by Others.
A Tribute to the Blogs I Follow Daily


When I first got my camera, I was beyond excited.  I took pictures of everything and anything and found so much joy in my easy Auto Mode.  I mean how cool was it that I had this amazing new camera and it took such great pictures right out the gate!  Well folks, this feeling of Auto land love swiftly vanished when I started to feel as though I was missing out.  I quickly realized that I didn’t just want to own a DSLR, but I wanted to shoot with it and really test myself creatively.  So I decided to learn manual mode.  As I’ll say in a later post about learning to shoot in manual, this decision was the best one I’ve ever made with my camera.  But I didn’t do it alone.  

When I started out with my camera, I got introduced to some amazing blogs that helped me enormously and today I want to give credit to them!  Today I’m sharing the blogs that I consistently follow and check, either because they are educational and I learn a lot from them or because they are gorgeous and push me to think outside the box.  Some of these blogs were the ones that got me into Manual Mode in the beginning and pushed me to keep going and keep trying new things.  Some of them though are ones that I’ve recently fell in love with and think you should check out too!

So without further ado, here are my top favorite blogs and ones that you should definitely check in with (in no particular order).

Click it Up a Notch.  For anyone starting out this blog is amazing!  They give you real step by step tips for improving your photography one image at a time.  This blog taught me about white balance, lens flare, how to create bokeh that looks like a specific shapes and so much more!  They are dedicated to helping everyone who wants to learn and improve and more specifically aim to empower moms to take more images of their kids every day!  Check them out, they are amazing!

Katelyn James Now she doesn’t need my shout out because she is so widely popular and famous in the industry but her blog is one that I read every day.  More than anything her constant posts and gorgeous images have taught me a lot about consistency.  Currently taking her KJ Consistency Course is a dream and I only wish I had enough time in my every day to keep up with it, especially since I’m currently weeks behind on my videos.  Her images are consistently beautiful, you should definitely check out her stuff, if you haven’t already.

Rising Tide Society This is a new blog for me but I love how practical and helpful their posts are.  Their posts are there to help all creatives grow and small business too with topics that range from Blogging to SEO to Life and Balance.  Plus their heart behind the Community over Competition philosophy is really inspiring.  If your trying to start a business check them out!


Let the Kids Dress Themselves & Giggles and Goldfish These two blogs I love because they have a lot of depth in topics but also in the talent they feature.  I love reading their posts and also following along on Facebook.  Let the Kids Dress Themselves does a weekly image contest with themes each week that are lots of fun.  These are blogs that will make you want to think outside the box and shoot more creatively.  For Moms trying to take images of your kids, these are great for photo ideas!

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