Jonas Snowstorm Fun!

This snowstorm we just had couldn’t have had better timing.  It came on a weekend that I so desperately needed, a weekend to be forced to do nothing but stay in and relax.  First let me say that I LOVE snow.  It is one of my all time favorite things and when I was really little I used to think that frost on the grass was snow and would get so excited until my mom told me the truth… I’m the girl that literally screams and jumps around at the sight of the first snow (ask Sterling it’s true).  I love watching it fall and being trapped inside and then I love watching everyone get bundled up and walk around in.  It puts everyone in a better mood because it’s just so peaceful and beautiful and quiet.  I love to eat, I love to sit in it, I love to just look at it, seriously everything about it makes me happy and that’s probably because every memory I have of the snow from growing up is fun.

Elementary school in the snow was the best because we got outside recess in the snow and there was always a snow mound connecting the blacktop to the playground below and you could slide down it!  Middle and High School?  Sledding down the giant St. Paul’s hill with my best friends because we had school even when the public school kids didn’t.  College?  Walking with my best friends through the snow storms to meet up with others to hang out.  Snow Days at home!?  My dad used to dig out sled paths in our backyard with walls and bumps.  All the neighborhood kids would come to our backyard to go sledding and we even would pull out our six person toboggan and sled as a family 🙂

So how did I spend this snow blizzard weekend?  I got snowed in with good friends, had a Dawson’s Creek Marathon (YES!  It’s true and it was glorious!), played great games, #barboysterling made some daquaries, and we walked… a lot.  Yes you read correctly we walked probably a total of 9ish miles total.  On Saturday we walked from our house to Continental (around 2 ish miles) and then walked back later that night.  On Sunday we walked to willow lawn to help dig my friend’s car out and then walked to Jack Browns (at this point probably 3ish miles maybe more) and then after a few too many fried oreos walked home.  It was awesome!

Here’s a few images from our walking adventures and yes I made them get into the median to take pictures.  Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-4Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-2Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-1Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-13Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-8Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-15Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-16Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-14Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-20Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-18Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-25

Can you spot everyone in the image below?

Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-26Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-27

Bobby was wearing sneakers!  Yoikes it had to be cold but he never complained!

Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-32Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-30Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-35Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-36Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-41Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-38Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-39

Best friends 🙂

Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-42Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-43Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-44Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-47

Trying to hatch a plan to push him into the snow…

Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-50

Clearly not successful.. haha

Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2016 Snowzilla-51

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