Wine Tour!

Wine Tour, Virginia – Katie’s Low Key Bachelorette

What do you get when you go away for the weekend with a group of sorority sisters, beautiful backgrounds and two photographers?  Pictures, lots of pictures.  🙂  Like, frolicking in fields, giggling like girls pictures.  The best!

So let’s recap the weekend because when you read “bachelorette” you’re probably thinking, whoa Alex… is this PG?  and yes, it’s very PG.  Maybe a little PG-13 but nothing you can’t handle.  We spent the weekend up at UpHill House B&B and it was so relaxing!   Katie and I drove up on Friday night and got there just in time to change into jammies, open a bottle of wine and casually sip while listening to classic records like ABBA and chatting with college friends.  Giggling over the good ole days and waiting for everyone to arrive, was exactly what I needed.  Not to mention the couches at this place… amazing!  They had recliners build into the couches and loveseat… let’s just say I almost slept out there instead of the bed because they were so comfortable!

So let’s talk about the food.  Because let’s be real, does anything else matter?  And, common, it’s a B&B so I can skip sleep portion (which was great too by the way) and go straight to the breakfast.  Awesome.  Now keep in mind, breakfast isn’t really my thing, I’ve never been one to eat breakfast, but it was very good.  Both days included a two part breakfast that was beautifully prepared and very balanced.  We had risotto pancakes, baked oatmeal with an apple glaze and icing, quiche, fruit, bacon and more!  #yum.

After we ate the delicious breakfast we adventured off on a wine tour of the nearby wineries.  We went to Horton Winery, Barboursville Vineyard, Keswick Winery, and Honah Lee Vineyard.  Now I’m not a huge wino so to be honest, they all were very good and I couldn’t really give you feedback on which one I liked more except to tell you about the scenery and the atmosphere.

So Horton was gorgeous, it felt like you were driving up to an old school castle, and they had a lot of selection.  This place would be a gorgeous venue.  They have a great back patio and they grow their vines in a really unique way so that the branches point up and are very well groomed.

Barboursville had a huge selection for the wine tasting and their venue was huge!  They had their own ruins!  A house that was originally designed by Thomas Jefferson for the home owners.  Really cool grounds with a lot to explore!

Keswick was very family friendly and relaxing.  You could sit outside and relax while looking at this gorgeous lake.  They even had a dog park! It was beautiful and the way the light poured it was idillic, a photographer’s dream.  The last vineyard we went to Honah Lee was great because not only did we get a wine tasting but we also got a tasting of their home made jellies!  Which we kind of thought were exclusively for us and so we chowed down and ate all of it… only to later realize it was a shared jelly plate for the venue… whoops!  But in all seriousness… amazing jelly.  You should go and get some, it was really good!

A perfect day with friends was topped off with smores by the fire and more giggles before heading to bed.  Uphill House was everything we had hoped it to be, quiet, simple, relaxing and the perfect space for girlfriends to reunite!

Check out some of our highlights from the weekend and can I mention just for a second, just how gorgeous these girls are!

Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-50Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-48

The image below is what happens when you pass of the DSLR to someone and they didn’t realize you have to look for the viewfinder.  🙂  Where am I?  Oh I’m right next to Krista, you know whose face is half cut off 🙂

Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-45Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-17

While everyone was eating cheese, I went off to explore Barboursville’s scenery! Gorgeous!

Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-40Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-36Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-39Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-44Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-35Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-30Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-31Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-29Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-26Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-27Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-22Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-18

With Karen our driver!! She was fabulous!

Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-13Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-15Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-7

Big/Little Love!

Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-3

That feeling you get when you’re a photographer and the light is just so pretty!  Sorry Katie, I had to!

Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-4Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-5


Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-11Alexandra Michelle Photography - katie's bachlorette-12






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