Lazy Weekend at Home

A few weekends ago, Sterling and I decided that we had to go back to Baltimore to see my family for Valentine’s Day!  You may be thinking, “ummm, you went home to your parent’s house… for Valentine’s day?” and you know what, yeah we did!  Mostly because we wanted to see my family, my brother John was going to be home, my sister, well she lives at home so she was there too :).  Not only this but my mom loves Valentine’s Day!  She was never one to go to dinner with my Dad or expect presents or anything like that but she always got us four kids cards and a little bit of chocolate. 🙂  She’s even mailed me a little teeny valentine’s gift and card when I lived away from her.  She just loves having us all around her so it was nice to go home and be with my family.  Also a nice cherry on top was that my parents got another puppy!!!

SOPHIE!  She is sooo cute and soooo small!  She loves to snuggle and is a sassafrass!  She played right a long with the big dogs, who let me tell you are significantly bigger than her!  She literally hopped around the house, I mean seriously hopped, all four legs up at one time.  It was the cutest thing you’d ever see.

Now upon going up, I warned Winnie about not being the baby any more but man did I really underestimate how she would handle it.  She was seriously upset.  I mean visibly upset!  She moped around, didn’t want to play with Sophie and was almost depressed!  It was so pathetic, and I mean she milked that for all it was worth (see iphone image below).  I think it may have been a mix of not understanding this new dynamic but also Winnie likes to be able to go under furniture and be alone, and when she wasn’t the smallest anymore and Sophie could just hop right up and be in her space, I’m not sure Winnie loved that.  🙂  All in all she was nice to Sophie and I think with more time together they’ll be good friends!

Check out the dog days of the weekend and the nappers. 🙂

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Dogs-1Alexandra Michelle Photography - Dogs-3Alexandra Michelle Photography - Dogs-5Alexandra Michelle Photography - Dogs-6

Sophie and my mom!  She’ll be mad I posted this of her but how cute and little is Sophie!


  Check out poor pitiful Winnie. 


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