Happy Birthday Sterling!

It’s a special special day because my very best friend and love is turning 27 today!  I’m not one for mushy gushy public proclamations of love but I will say loud and clear HAPPY BIRTHDAY STERLING!!  I’m so grateful that you are my person and that you took me to Home Depot that March evening six years ago! I wouldn’t want to spend my days giggling and goofing around with anyone else and I hope your birthday is the absolute best!

Background for why I’ve got snowy images here at the end of March?!  Well duh because it was snowing at my parents house last weekend!  It was so beautiful that I made Sterling get dressed and go outside with me.  I wanted the images in a very specific spot so I asked my sister to stand in the house with the top window down in our living room to get these haha 🙂 Thanks for being a great sport Lindsay and Sterling. 🙂

Alexandra Michelle Photography - March Snow-20

That’s Sophie, my parents new puppy!

Alexandra Michelle Photography - March Snow-18

Being good sports in the snow 🙂

Alexandra Michelle Photography - March Snow-15Alexandra Michelle Photography - March Snow-9

Yup, Sterling Travis ladies and gentleman and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

Alexandra Michelle Photography - March Snow-14

Alexandra Michelle Photography - March Snow-6Alexandra Michelle Photography - March Snow-4Alexandra Michelle Photography - March Snow-3

Happy Birthday Love 🙂

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