Spring Succulents

I love Spring!  I’m not going to lie and say it’s my favorite season because Fall will always be my number 1 but I do love Spring.  Most of my favorite memories from JMU are from the Spring and now a days when the cold wears off, it’s my favorite thing that I can keep the windows open, go barefoot and enjoy my plants. 🙂  

Yup, I’m a nerd.  What else is new?  But seriously I have an obsession with succulents and my spring, summer plants.  It all started last May when I had an exceptionally bad day at work.  Went to a friend in the building that day and just sobbed, for about an hour plus I cried like a baby.  When I left the building I knew I needed to just walk around and do something aimless.  So I went to Walmart, as I used to do in college with my best friend Kristy.  When something went wrong or we just needed to escape for a little, we would go to Walmart and just walk around.  So off I went and I found myself looking at the plants.  I left Walmart with 5 plants (big plants mind you) and then headed to Home Depot where I found the succulents.  It was love at first sight.  They were colorful and tiny and came in all different little varieties.  So I bought a lot… I needed to, it just made me feel better.

So now a year later, I’ve kept them alive!  Not only that but I’ve also propagated them to make more 🙂 Which is one of my favorite things about succulents, how easily you can produce more!  Finally it’s warm enough outside that I can go sit on my stoop again and talk to my plants.  I like to get home and take off my shoes, head outside and pay a little attention to each one.  Now you may think I’m crazy but! last summer I did this every day and my plants were booming!  Then I left for a weekend, one weekend, just one. I told Sterling “Please watch over my plants and make sure you talk to them”.  Well he’s a busy guy and didn’t manage to hold up as much conversation… I came back after that weekend and probably three or four were dying!  He swears to this day that this story isn’t true (but it is!).  Now I’m not calling Sterling a plant killer but…. no I’m kidding, but seriously, talking to your plants helps!

So the other day I went outside, had a little chat with my plants, and got these gorgeous images of my beauties.  I can’t wait to go over to Home Depot and get new fresh ones to add to the group. 🙂

Also just a heads up, get excited because on Monday you’ll see these plants again as I announce my May and June session dates!

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Succulents-2Alexandra Michelle Photography - Succulents-4

Propagating succulents is so easy!  Another blog post about this will be coming to you soon. 🙂

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Succulents-8Alexandra Michelle Photography - Succulents-3

Doesn’t this image below just feel like watercolors?  I swear I did not edit the clarity or heavily edit this!  Love it!

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Succulents-21Alexandra Michelle Photography - Succulents-5

This plant is so strange and I honestly never really liked it until these images.  It just recently bloomed these smaller plants off the tops.  Strange but pretty!

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Succulents-14Alexandra Michelle Photography - Succulents-22Alexandra Michelle Photography - Succulents-20

Ps. If you have any succulents that you like or good places to buy new and unique ones, let me know!  I love them!

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  1. Alex, next time you are in Charlottesville, let me know. We have hundreds of succulents left over from our wedding and I can pass one on to you!

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