Why You Should Hire a Photographer. Editing Matters.

In this day and age most people have a camera because many people have phones that include cameras.  Not only that but a lot of people recognize the benefit of using a DSLR camera and have bought one for themselves and their growing families.  So the question is, if you can take these images yourself in the comfort of your day to day life and possibly even your PJs then why would you pay for a professional photographer?  

Why would you get all dressed up, get your kids together and meet someone at a park to take images if you can take them yourself?  The answer is simple.  Editing.

Now this is my personal opinion and it may not be the opinion of everyone so take it with a grain of salt.  But in my opinion editing (along with equipment obviously) is what makes the difference between the images you can take and the images a professional delivers.

A professional has the equipment, the training, the eye but they also have the ability to enhance a beautiful image to it’s absolute best.  This past fall I invested in the Katelyn James Consistency Course because I wanted help finding my consistent vision.  I wanted to deliver faster, edit more efficiently and more consistently.  What I’ve learned is invaluable.  Editing matters.  You can take a beautiful image in camera and you should learn how to take it in camera so that the editing you do is minimal.  But sometimes the way you see the image in the moment in person, looks different than what is delivered when you upload your image.  You think to yourself, the exposure was good, the white balance was okay, but there is something off, what do I do now?  A professional can take the image and utilize the tools to make updates (and I say updates because I try to keep the image true to form and only edit slightly) that bring out the true beauty of the image.

In the Katelyn James Consistency Course I’ve learned how to utilize color editing in Lightroom to my advantage.  You may or may not believe me but these edits below… that seem drastic, I did in a matter of minutes (like 5 – 10).  I never used the spot tool (to color certain parts or edit specific parts).  All I did was minor edits to the color (taking out some of the yellow) and slightly increasing the exposure (minimally).  These edits were seriously minimal and easy but look at the difference it made!  The obviously un edited image is straight out of camera (I will admit the white balance could have been better), completely raw, and the edited image is an example of something I delivered.

The creative eye, the training, the equipment is part of what your paying for when you hire a professional photographer.  But in my opinion the most important part you are paying for is the editing.  The attention to detail, the fine tooth comb, the small enhancements that make a world of difference.  You could capture moments on your phones and cameras but can you make them art, something to print – big, something to love forever?  If your answer is yes that’s awesome!  But if you appreciate the attention to detail and the professional eye than find someone who you trust, who you love, someone you know will take a moment and make it beautiful, make it art.

So here goes.  My before and after images from my recent photography day with Katie (which was beautiful but holy yellow tones) and my succulents.  🙂   I’m not saying these are perfect because I’m still learning and practicing, but wow what a difference a little (and I really mean it!) editing can do when you know what to do.

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Pre-Post Editing-6Alexandra Michelle Photography - Pre-Post Editing-10Alexandra Michelle Photography - Pre-Post Editing-12Alexandra Michelle Photography - Pre-Post Editing-8Alexandra Michelle Photography - Pre-Post Editing-2Alexandra Michelle Photography - Pre-Post Editing-4




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