Announcing May & June Dates

This past year I realized something important.  This is my business and I can do whatever I want with it that will make it work for me!  It was really a freeing realization that I didn’t have to be like anyone else or emulate anyone else’s success, I could just be me and do things the way I need to in order to keep my sanity.  Deciding to choose session dates in advance that worked for my schedule and working smarter is hopefully going to help me stay organized and give all that I can to each client!  

You see in the summer and the fall/for the past few years of starting out, I’ve wanted instant success.  I wanted to book tons of clients, blog constantly and have the success that I see others achieving.  What I failed to realize was that basing something (anything really) on what works for others, or comparing myself to other people’s social media posts was just silly.  My journey can’t be the same as theirs, because then it wouldn’t be special, it wouldn’t be mine.  What you don’t see on everyone’s social media accounts is the countless hours behind the scenes working, the juggling schedules and the self doubt.  We just see the pretty, and that’s okay but it’s not realistic.  What I wasn’t willing to accept in the past was that being a full time teacher and trying to start a photography business automatically made me different than the other photographers I love so much.  Their job, their main focus is photography and I have a different situation than most.  I realized that I needed to make photography work for me and my schedule.  I needed to take control and figure out how to manage everything realistically instead of trying to do it all.  It was spreading me thin, it was taking away quality from my life and I needed a change.  Which is why I’ve decided to update my system.

I talked about this before in my New Years Resolution post but today I’m putting it into action.  I realized a ways back that in order to make the most out of both jobs and my life I needed to take control and plan ahead.  Make a schedule and plan in advance.  So from here out, I will be announcing session dates on specific weekends that work the best for my schedule.  There will be multiple time slots and everyone will get the absolute best of me.  The beauty behind this is that I can have people sign up in advance and we can really plan together for what the session will look like.  We can really dream up ideas together and scout out locations.  Session date announcements will most likely be made a month in advance (with the exception of this May’s dates because there was some rearranging that had to be made since May is extremely busy!).

So without further ado… here are my May and June dates!! There is a morning and an afternoon session available on each date!  Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at  Of course if there is terrible weather or illness we will work together to reschedule the session to a different time if necessary.   🙂  If these dates don’t work for you, keep an eye out for the July and August dates!

May June 2016 Dates.jpg



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