Summer Weekend at Home

Disclaimer:  This little post was supposed to be posted with tons of fun pictures and it got a little sneaky on me!  This little bugger posted before I uploaded any images and so some of you may have gotten a little preview 🙂  So in case you did see it and wondered “Hey, shouldn’t there be pictures?” welp here they are! 🙂

For me, one of the best parts about summer is being able to go home and visit with my family.  Well known fact about me is that I am from Baltimore and love my home town.  Even at 28 I get homesick and crave being home in Baltimore.  I find myself missing Maria’s Pizza, Orioles Games, and even the Towson Town Mall. 🙂  Above all of that though, I miss my family and getting to go home for long weekends or more during the summer is such a treat.  Unlike Thanksgiving when we are driving mostly the whole time, or Christmas which is special in its own way with the hype and busyness of the holiday, summer is relaxing and provides a comfort that feels like normal life before joining the adult world.

When at home, my siblings and I spend our time doing basically nothing and it’s awesome!  We order Maria’s Pizza, watch TV, movies and lay out by the pool.  We joke and tease each other and debate on who the dogs love the most and sometimes try and get my mom into sleep talking who she loves the most ;).  Not to mention, when Sterling and I head up it means there are a total of four dogs at the house.  Yes four!  Three of which are doodle mixes!  The dogs run around like crazy animals in a pack and it’s so fun!  They finally have tons of room to run and play and they all get a long really well which is a lot of fun.

It’s simple which makes it perfect.  No hoopla or over the top plans just good ole fashion, quality time.  🙂

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Baltimore Weekend-1Alexandra Michelle Photography - Baltimore Weekend-3Alexandra Michelle Photography - Baltimore Weekend-4Alexandra Michelle Photography - Baltimore Weekend-6Alexandra Michelle Photography - Baltimore Weekend-7Alexandra Michelle Photography - Baltimore Weekend-8Alexandra Michelle Photography - Baltimore Weekend-10Alexandra Michelle Photography - Baltimore Weekend-11Alexandra Michelle Photography - Baltimore Weekend-15Alexandra Michelle Photography - Baltimore Weekend-19Alexandra Michelle Photography - Baltimore Weekend-30

Only missing one brother because he was too cool to hang this day 😉

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Baltimore Weekend-32

Isn’t my mom gorgeous?

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Baltimore Weekend-38Alexandra Michelle Photography - Baltimore Weekend-48


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