Beth’s Senior Portraits

I tell you what, I love senior portraits!  Every time I do another senior portrait session I fall more and more in love with this niche.  My session with Beth confirmed this.  When met up in Charlottesville at Board’s Head Inn I knew she would be amazing because she was willing to jump into anything.  Seriously.  I asked her to go into overgrown brush that turned out to be quite thorny and she jumped in like a champ!  The result?  Some really gorgeous light and beautiful images!  

The best part about working with Beth was how easy going she was.  She was not only willingly to oh I don’t know, climb a tree!? but also didn’t take herself too seriously.  She trusted me to get great images right out of the gate which made the day relaxed and fun.

One thing I love about senior portraits is getting to talk to them about their senior year and their plans for after high school.  I love it because it always makes me nostalgic to my high school days when everything was unknown and the future was so unwritten.  For me that time in my life was kind of terrifying (I don’t like change… at all) but it’s cool to work with seniors like Beth who are looking forward to the new and all the possibilities in front of them.  All of the things I’ve been afraid of in my past revolving around change have turned out to be some of the best things that I have happened to me.  They have shaped my life.  It’s crazy to look back and think of how afraid I was.  To see Beth along with other seniors who are excited and hopeful is such an inspiration.  Because their future is just starting and it is exciting!  It’s cause for celebration and I’m so glad we got these images to start the process of celebrating Beth and her future!  Girl you are so cool, a tom boy in the best way, a girl who can climb trees in a dress but also rock a romper and look stunningly beautiful.  You are awesome!

Beth I hope you have an amazing senior year and stay excited for all the fun that lies in the changes ahead of you.  Enjoy it girl because it’s the start of what is surely to be good things to come.



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