Newborn Wyatt!

Welcome to the world little dude!  Wyatt is only two weeks old and already making a big impression!  Within minutes of meeting him, he locked in on me and just followed me with his eyes.  It’s pretty incredible considering the ability to track people and things doesn’t come until later in babies development but there he was tracking.  His eyes are gorgeous too, just piercing, big and deep blue.  

This past Saturday was really wonderful, not just because I got to meet Wyatt but also because his mom is a camp girl and has known me since I was probably 12 years old.  She was one of my counselors when I was younger and was one of our summer moms who took care of wild and crazy girls.  🙂  Getting to see her as a real mom taking care of her own child was incredible.  Working with camp women in this capacity has been one of the greatest treats of starting this business.  The women in our community are special.  There is a connection that crosses generations that is unmatched by any other network I’ve been a part of.  No matter what our stories are, where we’ve been, what we’ve grown into, we have a similar experience that binds us together.  This connection makes working with camp women like coming home to old friends – even if we never knew each other at camp.

I am so grateful for my camp families that have trusted me to capture these special times in their lives.  I am equally grateful for this past Saturday and getting to meet lovable baby Wyatt!




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