Introducing Dr. Sterling P. Travis

Never before in my life have I felt this way.  At least, never before in my life have I felt this way so strongly and unwaveringly.  Proud.  Deeply deeply proud is all I could feel a few weeks ago when I got to take off work and go watch Sterling defend his dissertation.

It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  You see, I’ve watched Sterling work for this and fight for this for years.  When he wasn’t sure he could, or should or would.  When he got pushed back from his original finishing time because his advisors saw how great this could be.  This disappointments and the frustration, the endless nights, the countless hours all coming to a glorious end was an experience for the books.   I’ve literally watched how hard he’s worked for years on this and on this day he stood up confident in front of his committee, peers and family and defended this work.

The minute they announced that the committee came to a unanimous decision that he should pass and rang out the words Dr. Sterling P. Travis you could feel the pride and excitement circling the room.

Sterling – I still can’t express enough how proud I am of you.  I knew you could do it but seeing it actually happen felt like I got to be a part of it too.  Your dedication and passion for this enabled you to push past the sacrifices and accomplish something not many can. I’m so happy to be marrying someone like you who always brings his best to situations, who is passionate, smart and ambitious.  You are truly my better half.  Congratulations love!

The moment when the first announced him as Dr. Sterling Price Travis!!

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Sterling Defense-1

Sterling got to ring the original William and Mary bell after he defended! 

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Sterling Defense-3Alexandra Michelle Photography - Sterling Defense-5

Then we headed over to the School of Education to ring their bell, reserved for those who successfully defend their dissertations.  

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Sterling Defense-6Alexandra Michelle Photography - Sterling Defense-9Alexandra Michelle Photography - Sterling Defense-7

He rang it three times; once for the past, once for the present, once for the future.

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Sterling Defense-12Alexandra Michelle Photography - Sterling Defense-15Alexandra Michelle Photography - Sterling Defense-20Alexandra Michelle Photography - Sterling Defense-22

Sterling’s committee and William and Mary friends!  They were so wonderful! 

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Sterling Defense-21Alexandra Michelle Photography - Sterling Defense-23

At the Travis House in Colonial Williamsburg! 

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Sterling Defense-29Alexandra Michelle Photography - Sterling Defense-19Alexandra Michelle Photography - Sterling Defense-28

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