Meet Lucy!

My sister got a new puppy a few weeks back and let me tell you, she is the CUTEST!  For me to say this means a lot too because I’m usually pretty biased in thinking that Winnie is the cutest but…. Lucy might have her beat… shhh don’t tell Winnie.   

Lucy is a Bernadoodle meaning she is half Burmese Mountain Dog and half poodle.  Yes seriously.  She is only about 10lbs right now and is expected to be anywhere from 20-35lbs.  Beyond all else she is lovable.  She just wants to cuddle all the time, be close to her family oh and sleep.  This dog literally will put herself in her open crate for a nap.  Or better yet she will walk herself upstairs to my sister’s room to get away and get a little shut eye.  It’s precious!

Going home now means we have five dogs running around between Winnie and Stella, my parents two dogs and now Lucy.  It is a rompin’ good time for sure.

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Lucy the Bernadoodle-1Alexandra Michelle Photography - Lucy the Bernadoodle-4Alexandra Michelle Photography - Lucy the Bernadoodle-5Alexandra Michelle Photography - Lucy the Bernadoodle-9Alexandra Michelle Photography - Lucy the Bernadoodle-12Alexandra Michelle Photography - Lucy the Bernadoodle-14

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