Happy Birthday Cora!

Now that I’m married to Sterling and Cora is officially my niece – I can become that Aunt that brags about nieces and nephews (soon to be!).  Cora turns three today which is crazy because it feels like it wasn’t that long ago that we were taking Sarah’s maternity pictures and then her 1 year cake smash.

This little girl was the best flower girl ever at our wedding and was the hit of the day!  She’s grown up so much and formed her own unique personality, full of strength and spunk, intelligence and curiosity.  Happy third birthday bright eyes!  I hope it’s a magical day full of books, My Little Ponies, stickers and Beauty and the Beast! 

Here’s a look back on some of my favorite pictures I’ve gotten of this little miss plus of course some of her at the wedding! (Shout out to Lauren Myers Photography who did the best job with our wedding pictures!)

Cora 2 Months-Cora-0082Cora 2 Months-Cora-0009Cora 2 Months-Cora-0084

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