Meet Madelyn!

It feels as if it wasn’t that long ago that I burst into cheerful screams as Sarah told me she was pregnant!  Sarah is one of my dear friends from teaching at Quioccasin!  We taught together for years but didn’t become close until I joined her as her Assistant (to the) Cheerleading Coach.  I genuinely don’t know why she kept me on as I have zero cheerleading experience and was mostly only good for keeping count and giving a “good job” every once in a while. 🙂  None the less the intensity that is middle school cheerleading allowed us to bond over movie (and TV) quotes and cheer dance moves which quickly turned into a great friendship.  

Shawn and I really got to hang out for the first time (besides a proceeds night at Glory Days) in Williamsburg for their engagement pictures – which feels like forever ago!   Last year Sarah, Shawn, Sterling and I all went to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens and a bromance was formed between the two guys.  Sterling left and all he kept saying was “Man! I love Shawn!  We gotta hang out with them more often!”

Taking these pictures was so special to me because I love Sarah and Shawn and I knew how excited they both were about their baby girl’s arrival.  Beyond that though it was so nice to get to meet little Madelyn and get some baby snuggles.  I know people say this about babies all the time but she really is perfect.  She has the most beautiful little features and is sweet just like her parents.  She slept the entire time through our newborn session (which never happens!) and was an angel!  She would stir every so often, only to put herself right back to sleep!  Seriously, she is a dream!

I can’t get enough of these pictures – they are some of my favorites to date.

Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-4Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-15Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-14Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-21Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-11Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-17Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-26Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-40Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-34Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-16Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-32Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-29Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-47Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-28Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-49Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-42Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-53Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-54Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-60Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-62Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-58Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-61Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-69Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-71Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-73Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-75Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-50Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-79Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-83Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-88Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Fidler-18

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