Catch the Fever – #FlipGrid

PictureUse Flipgrid in Your Classroom to Vamp Up Engagement! 

Did you love using Flipgrid in the PD on Monday (January 29th)!??  Want to integrate this tool into your instruction?  Keep reading!Flipgrid is a response tool in which students can video their responses to questions, probes, discussions, videos, images etc. etc.  It is very easy to set up and the possibilities for use are endless!  Kids love this tool as it has a “snapchat” feel and gives them an easy way to participate and collaborate.

With a free account, you can create as many “topics” (response probes) as you like within one grid!

You also have an unlimited number of responses available and student with the link can view and like other students’ videos.  You as the teacher are able to comment back to each submission privately, offering another level of interaction!  Additionally, each response can be downloaded, “featured” or even “sparked” which means that it automatically “sparks” a new topic conversation for students.   Video responses can also be shared by embedding them into Schoology for further discussion.

You may be thinking – this sounds cool, but how could I actually use this?  This tool is easy to use as it can be accessed through the app on iPads (already available here at Wilder!) or even on students’ phones when they are at home.  Here are some ideas for each content area:

Math: Have student video record themselves solving a problem and submit!
Science:  Students can find examples of vocabulary words or concepts at home or in school!  They can showcase their examples in a video submission!
ELA: Reading conferencing or book talks!  Get students to tell you about books they are reading by submitting their reflection through flipgrid!  Other students can view their reflections and may get interested in those books themselves!
Social Studies:  Use this tool for current event reflections!  You can post links to articles or videos about current events and ask students to submit reflections!
Health & PE: Connect to home by having students do a home study of healthy choices they make while outside of school.  Could also work for in school investigations such as lunchtime study or for sports practices how-tos!
Electives: Have students showcase how they use skills from class at home!  Spanish could conference with students using this tool while speaking in Spanish!
Other Ideas:
Genius Time! Get more connected with students and what they learn about outside of the classroom!  Use flipgrid to have students showcase something they enjoy learning about at home.  This could be – making slime, skateboarding, making mixtapes etc. etc.  Challenge your students to recognize the ways they learn all the time!
Vocabulary! Make a flipgrid for each unit’s vocabulary list and assign each student a term.  Have them make a video explaining the vocabulary word!

See what I mean?  The possibilities really are endless!  So how do you get started?


  First, create an account – it’s free (unless you want to pay for upgraded features)! ​  Then you’ll need to create and title your grid (mine is simply – Alex Travis Wilder ITRT).

Once you do that you get to make your “topics” which acts as your assignment.  You can add links for videos, images, etc.  After you are done setting up your topic you can share it out with students either by embedding it into Schoology or other location, sharing out the link or having them use the code directly in an app.

When students submit their responses you can view, share, embed, spark a new topic conversation, download them and more!

It is definitely worth a try and a simple way to incorporate “Anytime, Anywhere” into your instruction!  Let me know if you want any help getting started or if you are using it and love it!

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  1. Very nicely done. I’m an ITRT as well. I’m putting together Flipgrid resources for my teachers, and found this on Twitter. You’ve done a great job of showing the versatility of this app!

    • Thank you!! I’m glad you liked it – I just really dove into Flipgrid recently and LOVE how easy it is to use!

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