Newborn Portraits – Sam – Charlottesville

Meet my new nephew!! That’s right this little cutie is my sister in law’s son and so obviously I’m biased in thinking he’s precious!  He is officially a month old now and doing very well!  His sister Cora has adapted so well and is really sweet with him.  She is gentle and kind and even calms him down by saying “It’s okay little buddy, it’s okay.” ::swoon::  Sam meanwhile is an observer, calm and quietly takes it all in.  He has big blue eyes that watch you intently.  It’s going to be great watching these two grow up! 

Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-4Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-3Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-23Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-1Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-26Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-19Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-7Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-30Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-14Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-11Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-36Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-29Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-31Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-47Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-39Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-43Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-49Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-59

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