Hampton Girls – Belle Isle Morning Session

OH MAH GAWD!  So a few weeks ago I woke up early and tried to run some errands around town, you know, pick up dog food, get birthday card for friend, etc. etc. etc. Well the pet store wasn’t open yet so I had some free time on my hands and I decided on a whim that I was going to go down to Belle Isle and walk around.  It was about 8am and as soon as I started walking around I knew that I HAD to do a morning session here!  The light was amazing! Seriously so glowy and clean.  Well a few weeks later Anne contacted me about adding to her mini session with her daughter Morgan and I thought, well I’ll just throw it out there and see if they’d be willing.  Sure enough Anne said yes and it was GAME ON!   I was over the moon!  We set the session up for 8am and while it was early it was SO WORTH IT!  

Anne is a good friend of mine from working at Byrd Middle School (Quioccasin).  We were science gals and spent 6 glorious years playing “Would you Rather?” and giggling!  She has the BEST laugh and is often times known for around school as the “funny girl” as she has a great sense of humor and a personality of good times, hard work and laughs!  I just loved working with her and getting to call her friend. 🙂

I’m so happy with how these images turned out!  If anyone wants to meet me this early from now on my answer is  a big YES PLEASE!

Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Summer 2018 - Belle Isle - Hampton-4Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Summer 2018 - Belle Isle - Hampton-12Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Summer 2018 - Belle Isle - Hampton-11Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Summer 2018 - Belle Isle - Hampton-17Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Summer 2018 - Belle Isle - Hampton-14Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Summer 2018 - Belle Isle - Hampton-24Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Summer 2018 - Belle Isle - Hampton-26Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Summer 2018 - Belle Isle - Hampton-21Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Summer 2018 - Belle Isle - Hampton-35Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Summer 2018 - Belle Isle - Hampton-41Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Summer 2018 - Belle Isle - Hampton-38Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Summer 2018 - Belle Isle - Hampton-52Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Summer 2018 - Belle Isle - Hampton-13

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