It’s Here! Baltimore Here We Come!

Today is MOVING DAY!  You want to know what I am most excited about?  It to all be OVER!  Haha seriously.  YES SERIOUSLY!  I am so ready to settle into a normal life where I can use my kitchen appliances!!!  Or not curtz (I think I just made that word up…) around boxes!  Or how about just settle into the idea that for at least a year or so I’ll actually know what’s up from what’s down!  I can’t wait!  It’s going to make me bust by a*$ unpacking just so I can settle into normalcy.

First thing I’m trying to do after we unpack?  GO TO THE BEACH!  I’m driving my tush down to the beach for a few days even if it means I go by myself because I need to just get away, clear my head, read a book and leave my anxiety in the ocean.  I’m going to buy ice cream and boardwalk fries, drink wine on the porch at night and wear shorts and a big sweatshirt every evening!  Also big goal of mine is to finally have the time and focus to get back into my workout/running routine.  I MISS it!! If you know me from growing up you would NEVER in a million years think I was this girl; hell I didn’t even own sneakers until college because I felt like I should… Also did you see what I did there?  With the semicolon?  Grammar nerds – did I do it right?  I never actually know…  In any case though I’m excited to have my life normal enough again to get a routine going and run, I just need to find a running route from my front door (wish me luck!).

The last time we were up in Baltimore to paint, everything went wrong.  Yes and I do mean everything, like spilt a can of paint in my car everything.  So please if you’re the praying type or even if you’re just the wish on a dandelion type PLEASE pray/wish/send us cosmic waves of good luck that everything goes smoothly today and this weekend as we unpack.  Seriously though because I just need to get my butt to the beach. 🙂

I’ll be posting soon with pictures and the story of the paint/move so keep you eye out!

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