Our First Week in Baltimore

Well it’s been about a week (almost) since moving up to Baltimore and there have been our fair share of ups and downs.  So far it’s been going pretty well and we’re enjoying our new adventure.  While we’ve had a few things go wrong the one thing that has been constant is our ability to work as a team.  I know it sounds cheesy but having Sterling as my partner in crime makes everything 10x easier.  He’s the first to crack a joke to cut the tension when something goes wrong and the one to do the heavy lifting, quite literally!

So a little recap of the week so far!  We had a few “son of a gun” moments this week one of which was having our all our tools and two storage containers stolen while we were moving in!  We pulled them out of the uhaul first while we moved the other things and in the process of moving the truck to a different parking spot, the tools were swiped.  Luckily the tools were mostly all cheap tools we had gotten from Walmart throughout the years and Sterling’s dad has offered to give us some of his doubles!  We also found water damage and mold on some of our stuff that was in storage while packing the uhaul.   The water damage and mold got to Sterling’s textbooks and my Cricut 🙁 and also some of our ornaments.  Thankfully all our sentimental ornaments and favorites were safe and the textbooks with the most damage were ones that Sterling doesn’t need as often or can access online.  It was definitely frustrating and caused a handful of curse words if we’re being honest but, we keep reminding ourselves that it’s just stuff.  Things, replaceable things.  We have been so blessed that we made it up here safely and besides these minor hiccups, everything has been going smoothly.   Besides the moving hiccups Winnie would be upset if I didn’t mention that she got a pretty bad hot spot on her tail and lost the fur on half of it.  She is currently in a cone and milking it for all it’s worth – including sleeping on our pillows on top of our heads at night.

Now for all the good moments from this past week!  The best part of our move so far is our new place!  It is very charming and has plenty of room for us and all our things.  We’ve got two bedrooms, a finished attic space where Sterling has set up an office and a MEGADESK (said like Dwight), a finished basement, garage and HUGE kitchen (which I LOVE).  The best part of unpacking so far has been unpacking all of our wedding gifts that we didn’t have room for before.  All of our new dishware, glasses, kitchen appliances and pots and pans have not only been unpacked but there is actually SPACE for them!! AND room to spare!!!  It feels amazing to have enough space that we won’t have to live in clutter!  We came up early before moving and painted the first floor and master bedroom and it has made such a difference!  The new color brightened the entire house up and makes it look more neutral and clean.

We also got to go to an Orioles game the second day we were here!  My mom got tickets for us to go and celebrate my Dad’s birthday as a family (minus my sister who was at a wedding).  Being able to spend time with my family has also been nice.  My brother stopped in at our place to grab some things and it was so nice to get to chat with him for a little without having to drive three hours to do so!

The aspect of the move that we are really enjoying is our new neighborhood.  It is loaded with charm, big overarching trees, children everywhere, and sidewalks to take the dogs on walks.  The neighborhood is very family friendly with kids playing basketball in the alley, walking home from sleepovers, riding bikes and even setting up slip and slides in their front lawns.  Needless to say I am VERY excited for Halloween and all our trick or treaters!  Everyone in our neighborhood has been ultra friendly too!  There is an older man who comes by and walks two dogs everyday.  Each day he makes a stop and talks to our neighbor Dotty about the weather while the blind dachshund wanders a bit on his leash.  It’s quite the American scene 🙂  Sterling is loving our fenced in yard out back as he can make some coffee in the morning, let the dogs out and then scroll through emails before getting ready.  🙂

We’re definitely missing our friends and family in Virginia and are hoping to get everything unpacked and settled ASAP so they can all start visiting. 🙂

Disclaimer: These are all iPhone images 🙂

AfterlightImage (3)

The moving process was pretty painful if we’re being honest.  We got started at 7:30am and didn’t leave Richmond until 11pm with most of our stuff packed.  Unfortunately it didn’t all fit in the truck so we are heading back this weekend to get the rest.  We packed all day on Thursday and unpacked the truck all day on Friday.

AfterlightImage (4)

Terrible picture on the left BUT those are my new dishes that I registered for!!  Look at those cabinets in the back!! They are big enough for ALL my kitchen gear!



AfterlightImage (2)

Now we’re off to get the rest of our stuff this weekend and then I’m heading to the beach for the week!

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