Our Best Moments from 2018

Woo lawzy it has been a hot second since I’ve posted here.  2018 was a serious whirlwind and life is finally starting to slow down (thank goodness!).  During December I let myself relax over the holidays so I could totally process the year and prepare for 2019 in mind and spirit.  I’ll tell you honestly, as great as it was to step back for a bit there was a big part of me that felt guilty like I was falling behind.  Even though part of me was distracted by this feeling of neglecting things I wanted to get done, 90% of me was able to have really intentional reflection about 2018.  Good LORD was this needed and here’s why. 

I had a terrible taste in my mouth about 2018 at the beginning of December.  I left my friends and a job I loved, moved not just once but twice, spilled an entire can of paint in my car, got in a car accident in the middle of July heat while I wasn’t wearing pants… yeah… this is a true story and probably one of more embarrassing moments….  In the beginning of December I was ready to kick 2018 out the door like an unwanted pest.  I felt so unaccomplished, looking back as if I didn’t have anything to be proud of.   But you know what December made me realize?  All of that is a LIE. A huge fat lie!

The reality is that I may not have accomplished big shiny awards or huge monumental things over this past year but good lord did I work hard and accomplished a lot! For instance we were able pack up and move two separate times in the matter of 4 months.  The first time we downsized from a three bedroom with attic space to a one bedroom with no storage.  This meant a lot of trips to goodwill and learning to not be attached to so much stuff.  I also switched jobs which meant a lot of tears and goodbyes to people I love but taught me about how much those people mean to me and how big my support system really is.  Because we made a big move this past summer and had to say goodbye to so many people, it meant that we made a point to be really intentional and spend quality time with the people we love!

While 2018 may have been filled with a lot of challenges it was the biggest growing year for us ever!  There were a lot of tears but we leaned on God, friends and family and learned a lot!  I learned that when I ask for help God sees me through it.  I learned that I should not be embarrassed to say that I believe in God out loud.  I learned that people who love me won’t judge me for this even if they aren’t believers.  I learned that above all else, I love quality time with people I cherish.  I learned how much I love helping others and encouraging them.  I learned that no amount of distance can take away from true friendship and family, these people will always be there for me and me for them.  I learned that even when it feels like everything is being flipped upside down Sterling is my best friend I cherish him for keeping me laughing.

2018 may have been hard but it was also SO great!  I’m so glad I took a step back in December to process this because I feel like I can see all the good things clearly!  Thank God for this because we were blessed with some AMAZING moments all tied together with AMAZING people!  Here’s a recap of our best and favorite moments from 2018. 🙂

Some of these images are iPhone images and are not the greatest quality but they are filled with moments and people I love so that makes them worth sharing. 🙂

New Years 2018best of 2018_-1We spent our New Years last year in the mountains by camp (Camp Mont Shenandoah – I went there for 10 years and it’s my favorite place)!  It was a great New Years! best of 2018_-4Then we got to meet our nephew Sam! Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Samuel Newborn-33

I became an Instructional Coach last year and got to do amazing projects with amazing teachers like the one below!  In this lesson we transformed the library into a shopping mall so the kids could practice calculating sales tax and percent discount!  I ran the donut shop and had a blast! best of 2018_-7

Some of our best friends had babies!! Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Newborn - Richmond Virginia - Rennolds-50Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Newborn - Sexton-75Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Newborn - Sexton-61best of 2018_-13We went to Austin with my best friends for our joint 30th birthday celebration! Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Austin Trip-91Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Austin Trip-59Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Austin Trip-57Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Austin Trip-12Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Austin Trip-58My parents came to visit us in Richmond for St. Patrick’s Day! best of 2018_-9We soaked up lots of time with our friends before we left Richmond! best of 2018_-15

I had my third tap dance recital as an adult!  By far my favorite costume and such a fun class.  I miss these ladies and Monday nights at tap class! best of 2018_-21The picture below is grainy but is a CHERISHED memory!  My mentor, department chair and friend retired after 30+ years of teaching!  The below two pictures are of the science department I worked with.  These people were my family when I first moved to Richmond and I love them!  The bottom picture they sent me this year after I had moved.  I love these people! best of 2018_-22

We showed our niece Cora snapchat filters and she LOVED them! best of 2018_-24

These girls 🙂 best of 2018_-27

As we packed up our life in Richmond for our big move to Baltimore.  Lots of tears but we did it! best of 2018_-30best of 2018_-29

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary by exploring Harper’s Ferry! Alexandra Michelle Photography - Harper's Ferry - One Year Anniversary-6Alexandra Michelle Photography - Harper's Ferry - One Year Anniversary-12Alexandra Michelle Photography - Harper's Ferry - One Year Anniversary-7

We had lots of snuggles with the dogs, Winnie has settled into Baltimore especially well. best of 2018_-31

Really great friends came to visit me in Baltimore! best of 2018_-41

I went to the beach with my youngest brother for a whole week, with no TV and no Internet.  It was the best! Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Summer 2018 - Bethany Beach-47Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Summer 2018 - Bethany Beach-32Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Summer 2018 - Bethany Beach-16Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Summer 2018 - Bethany Beach-43

I photographed THREE of my old students’ senior pictures!  I love these girls! Alexandra Michelle Photography - Richmond Virginia - Church Hill - August 2018 - Senior Portraits - Malone McGhee-34Alexandra Michelle Photography - Senior Portrait - Summer 2018 - Belle Isle - Richmond Virginia - Jadlowski-12Alexandra Michelle Photography - Senior Portraits - Richmond Virginia - Godwn Senior - Myers-30.jpg

My holiday minis were also filled with some GREAT friends from Richmond and their families!  I loved getting to spend time with them! best of 2018_-46

I tagged along on the boys trip to Ole Miss and we had a blast! best of 2018_-43

We cut down our Christmas tree with my parents and realized just how big this tree was when it didn’t exactly fit in our house… we made it work haha. best of 2018_-50

We had a great Christmas with our friends and families! amt_2324-4


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  1. I love this! It’s so easy to feel unaccomplished, but I love how you were able to really reflect and realize all of the positive events of 2018 and all of the accomplishments you DID reach! Such a great perspective to have!

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