Let it SNOW – A look back on our January snow day!

How do you normally like to wake up?  Peacefully to soft music maybe?  Maybe slowly opening your eyes to the sign of sunshine peaking through the windows?  What about being woken by your partner screaming with excitement and jumping up and down?  No? Really?

Well this is how Sterling woke up on Sunday morning.  You see, I LOVE snow.  Part of me thinks it’s because I have a December birthday that I’m keen to love winter things like snow, snuggling in doors, ice skating etc.  I’m sure this isn’t actually why I love these things but just go with it… In any case back to my point – I love snow.  When it snows even just a little bit I SCREAM out of excitement and become a small child all over again.  When I was really little and we would be getting into the car to go to school I would see all of this white stuff on the grass and FREAK out that it was snow getting so excited!  You’ll imagine how confused and deflated I felt when I found out it wasn’t actually snow but really just frost… 🙁  

So after I finished jumping up and down with excitement my next words to Sterling were “Get up get up!! It’s time to have fun!” and then instantly followed by “Can we get dressed cute and go outside to take pictures with the tripod!?”  I’m telling you this — he is a really good sport.  🙂  He had a cold and would have rather kept sleeping but instead at 8:30am he got up and went through a few outfit changes and humored me while I set up the tripod in the snow to get the best picture.  🙂  We’re starting to get this self portrait-tripod-timer thing down to a science and it went even faster this time around when I decided to try Abby Grace Photography’s suggestion of switching over to manual focus mode.  Made a HUGE difference! Instead of having to refocus each time and crossing our fingers it got the right spot – I was sure that it was focused every time (well as long as Sterling stayed in the same spot).  Now on my wish list is a wireless remote so I don’t have to run back and forth after clicking the button with the 10 second count down.  🙂

Enjoy some of our pictures from the snow – I’m just slightly obsessed and now have to decide which one(s) to frame!

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