My (new) Word of the Year – 2019

Alexandra Michelle Photograpy - January Snow - Baltimore Maryland-17.jpgMy new Word of the Year – 2019

— Personal —

It’s FRIDAY!  Which means it’s time for a personal post!  I’m trying to be more personal here and show more of myself, what I love, who I am (etc. etc.) so I’ve decided that on Fridays (as best I can) I’m posting personally to have a little FUN up in here.  SO that being said today I’ve got to share about my Word of the Year for 2019.  Palm to the face moment that it’s taken me until the end of the month to do this… But hey – Grace over Perfection!

Some of you may know my word of the year if you follow me on Instagram because I posted it on my story a few weeks back.  And since then I’ve changed it.  Yeah – I did.  Because I can.  🙂

Originally I picked Grow and Hustle and for whatever reason as I circled around “Hustle” it never felt right, it just felt slightly off and not exactly what I wanted.  You see I wanted a word that meant that I wasn’t going to give up, that I was going to set my goals and a plan and go for it full steam ahead.  I wanted a word that meant I would accomplish things even if it just meant giving it my all and sticking with it.  I flirted with “focus” and “dedicate” and “resilient”.  I looked at countless lists of synonyms and antonyms never really finding that word that clicked.  Until a friend of mine from camp (and my sorority) saw my Instagram story.

She saw it and messaged me how excited she was to follow along.  We started talking about her words in the past few years and then I saw it… her 2019 word.  It was love at first sight and I knew I had to have it for my own.  It was the perfect word.  The word I had been circling around for MONTHS trying to get my finger on.  The word that represented all of the things I wanted for 2019.  And so.  I stole it.  I mean not actually because she still has the word as her word too but I stole it in the sense that she deserves full inspiration credit.  So yeah.  I have a new word.  A better word (for me at least).  A word that is solidifying my vision for the year and what I want to consistently remind myself of as I “hustle” through each month.  And that word is…..

Untitled-9.pngCommit.  It’s that simple.  In the past, I’ve set all these lofty goals and they either seemed to far out of reach of the “hustle” and bustle of the days distracted me from really committing to them.  Days would pass, weeks would pass, months would pass and certain goals would get accomplished while others stayed untouched.  This year I’m committed.

Last year in my Cultivate What Matters Goal Planner I think I overcommitted.  I had a lot of growth I wanted for myself personally and so I wanted to make it the best year yet.  I filled my planner with a full TEN goals and then didn’t do as good of a job of breaking them down into smaller chunks.  This year instead of filling out all 10 slots, I just picked 7.  Each one unique and important.  More importantly – each one is doable.  Each one is something I’m ready to commit to and hopefully see growth in.  So yeah, I changed my word.  I’m glad I did too because while hustle was great, I want to make sure I’m not just filling my 2019 with being busy.  I don’t want to just hustle I want to be committed.  To work, to my friends, to my family.  To giving my dogs a great fun life filled with walks and play time.  I’m committing to paying off my car by April and gaining a healthier lifestyle and maybe just maybe giving up daily diet coke (which I might not be fully committed to yet…). 🙂  I’ll share more on my goals in another Friday post but for now, I’m looking forward to 2019 – a year to COMMIT so that I can GROW.

So HUGE shout out to my friend Cathy McKay for unwillingly letting my copy her and also a note of thanks for always being such a cheerleader for me!  THANK YOU!

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