February Goals – 2019

I love February!  You know why?  Because it’s shortalexandra michelle photography - flat lay 2019-2 (like me I guess).  It may sound weird but I love the fact that it is a short month with exactly four weeks.  It’s the kind of month that can go fast if you want it to but can also motivate you to get a lot done because you don’t have a lot of time.  I don’t know about you but I work much better when I’m under a time crunch.  If I have endless time and no real due date then I will procrastinate forever!  But give me a due date that’s coming up quick and I’m bustin’ my buns to get it done.

Looking back on January I had a really productive month.  I got a lot of my goals done for the month and started working on lifestyle habits that I can keep up in the months ahead.

For this month I’ve got some big to-dos that need to get done!  So without further ado here is my February Goal List both personal and business related.

February Business Goals

  • Map out my February blog calendar and plan out Friday personal posts to maintain consistency.
  • Update Welcome Guide and Interest packet for Newborn Photography clients
  • Blog at least 2x a week.
  • Build a stock folder of creative flat lays
  • Book at least 5 sessions for this upcoming spring!  EEK – I have one so far for the end of February and one this weekend but I’m ready for more!
  • Take fresh headshots
  • Complete my Katelyn James Business Course homework this month on Community Marketing and watch all the videos!  <<My favorite goal because it’s so easy to do since it’s FUN!

February Personal Goals

  • Visit friends in Richmond (check!)
  • Host a game night
  • Continue to meal prep my breakfast and lunches on Sundays for the week
  • Continue my gym routine of 4x a week and cardio at least 2x a week. (so far so good)
  • Find a church to go to at least 3 Sundays a month.
  • Journal 1x a week + Write the Word Journal 3x a month
  • Get our cars inspected so we don’t get fined…. (yuck)
  • Love my friends well with a valentines treat!
  • Get a hair cut!  (it’s so needed!)
  • Stick to our cash budget (this has been a GAME CHANGER for us and one day I’ll blog about it)
  • Organize pictures for family albums into folders on my external hard drive so I can start album designing in May.

That’s all folks!  I’m working hard this year to be strategic about my year-long goals and how I break them down.  For instance, I’m trying not to just say make family albums with pictures from the years past!  Instead, I’m picking specific months that make the most sense to get those things done.  This has helped me so much so far to not feel like a failure with my goals!  In the past, I would make a bunch of goals and feel like I had to get them all done right away without giving myself all 12 months to spread out my progress.  PROGRESS over PERFECTION people!  Sing it with me now!

What are your goals for February?  Do we line up on anything?

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