April Goals + March Highlights

My March was so ambitious and I’ll be honest with planning Sterling’s surprise birthday party and some family illness I got barely anything on my main to do list done.  (UGH) but all things said and done I did accomplish a lot, it may not have been things like working out consistently which was on my to-do list but it was successful.

March was jam-packed with quality time with friends which was such a bucket filler!  I think I’ve spent more specific quality time with friends since we’ve moved than I did when I was in Richmond.  The move has definitely made me realize how many people I have in my life that I cherish and how much I was neglecting some of those relationships.  One of my big 2019 goals is to be more present in my friendships.

I started March off with a family Maternity session with two friends from high school who are expecting their second baby boy down in Leesburg Virginia.  I also made my way down to Richmond to see friends not just once but TWICE!  Once for a newborn session with a sweet client who I love and the second time to go back to my old school and visit with friends while I was on Spring Break.  Truly one of my most favorite parts of the month was seeing people I used to work with and catching up! Flash forward one week and we threw a big 30th birthday celebration for Sterling and hosted some of our dearest friends at our house.  (A whole post on this later this month!)

Winnie also got a sweet new haircut and looks so different!  She usually looks like such a scrag-a-muffin with way to much fur, which let’s be honest is more matted than I’d like to admit.  I took her down to Baltimore City to Jesus to get her hair cut, nails trimmed and bath and he did SUCH a good job! She looks a little more like a cocker spaniel meets poodle versus her typical Goldendoodle look and I keep teasing that I’m not sure she’s my real dog. 🙂

With Spring Break right in the middle of March, I was able to get a lot of work in the back end of this business done which was such a Godsend!  Also able to plan out some big things coming in MAY and JUNE!  Seniors should especially be on the lookout plus everyone’s favorite spring event – Mommy and Me Minis!  To be announced on FRIDAY!!

FOR APRIL I’ve got big planning goals that I need to roll out including a special event for seniors.  I’m also looking to book out my June and July days for Virginia sessions and am preparing for some new members to the AM Photography family! (YES, it’s true!)  Check out below for my April Goals and keep scrolling if you want to check in on my March goal review.

April Goals 


  • Continue to map out client event
  • Announce and book Mommy and Me Minis for RVA
  • Map out and announce JUNE + JULY Virginia session dates
  • Roll out secret senior session
  • Prepare to welcome new members in MAY!
  • Blog Sterling’s birthday party
  • Blog 2x a week (at least)
  • Map out May blog calendar
  • Complete KJ Content + HW for the month – yay social media!


  • PAY OFF CAR! – you can’t see this but I’m squealing and bouncing about!
  • Send wedding album design to Lauren Myers
  • Finally frame the wedding images I had printed over a year ago… and PUT THEM UP!
  • Take pictures just for me at least twice
  • Journal 1x a week + Write the Word Journal 2x/month
  • Map out gym schedule + work out consistently
  • Organize pictures for family albums into folders on my external hard drive so I can start album designing in JUNE.

March Goal Review

March Business Goals

  • CHECK (almost) Blog consistently @ least 2x a week
  • CHECK Blog Teacher Tuesdays 2x a month
  • ONGOING Be intentional and consistent with social media
  • CHECK Plan out Mommy & Me Minis! 🙂
  • IN PROGRESS Sketch out ideas for the client event 🙂
  • ONGOING Continue towards booking at least 5 spring sessions
  • WHOOPS Update Welcome Guide and Interest packet for Newborn Photography clients
  • CHECK Sketch out secret project for seniors 🙂
  • CHECK Complete Katelyn James Content + HW for this month!!

March Personal Goals

  • CHECK Stick to our cash budget because … TWO MORE CAR PAYMENTS (HOLY MOLEY!)
  • IN PROGRESS Order our wedding album (because it’s only been 1.5 years… haha)
  • ONGOING Organize pictures for family albums into folders on my external hard drive so I can start album designing in May.
  • CHECK Journal 1x a week + Write the Word Journal 3x a month
  • WHOOPS Stick to gym routine + pack lunches
  • CHECK Clean out and organize attic + garage! HALLELUJAH!
  • CHECK Celebrate Sterling’s 30th BIRTHDAY!
  • CHECK Go on a trail walk/run at least once

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