Easter Celebration in Bethany Beach, Delaware 2019

A few weekends ago my family headed down to Bethany Beach, Delaware to celebrate Easter with our 95-year-old grandfather!  Yes, 95 and still going strong!  He lives down in Bethany and loves having us all over!  My Aunt and Uncle headed down on Thursday and then followed soon after by Sterling, me and my siblings – Lindsay, John, and Bradley! 

Lindsay, Sterling and I left early on Saturday morning and got in town just in time to enjoy some breakfast casserole that my aunt made.   We spent some quality time around the kitchen table catching up before deciding to head down to the boardwalk to take a walk.  We bundled up my grandfather and set out for the beach!  It was pretty busy with other people in town for the same reason but much more manageable than the summer crowds.  We were able to park right downtown which is great because my grandfather can’t get very far before getting tired.

We did all the typical beach things to do which as cliche as they are, never fail to make you feel good inside.  We walked out to see the ocean, grabbed some ice cream and went into the shops for some light browsing.  My grandfather hung out by the boardwalk and had us in stitches as he winked at us through his hooded sweatshirt.  At one point he was mean mugging so hard he looked like a 95-year-old Eminem.  🙂

Once my brothers got into town we hung out some all together at the house before heading back down to the boardwalk together (never gets old)!  I took the opportunity to force everyone into pictures for “my memories”.  Recently in the past few months, I’ve been feeling a strong desire to document more of our day to day and family life.  It might be the fact that my new phone has a great camera on it but also that I really want to have these memories to print and pass down in albums for my future kids and grandkids.  A few photographers I follow (Katelyn James and Nancy Ray) do this, they compile their yearly pictures into “family yearbooks” each year to showcase all the great memories of the year.  I LOVE this idea of having a keepsake of each year that I can flip through when I’m old.  SO because of this new appreciation for my own life’s photographs I officially became THAT family member.

Yup the super obnoxious one that takes a picture of EVERYONE and in every possible combination!  As annoyed as I know my siblings and family probably were, I know I will cherish these images for years and years!

Sunday we celebrated Easter by taking my grandfather to church and then getting Easter brunch down off the boardwalk with the whole family!  My mom and dad snuck up on us mid picture taking (because again… memories) and my Aunt came in soon after!  After brunch Sterling and I attempted to take some beach photos with my tripod but the combination of wind, clicker failure and wind (because it cannot be overstated) I gave up.

Enjoy these iPhone images from our Easter adventure down in Bethany Beach!


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