Pregnancy Bump Pictures! 21 Weeks

I’ll start by being honest and saying that I am currently 23 weeks and so these images are already 2 weeks old.  I’m definitely a bit bigger than these images and feel like I’m growing more and more each day.

Current updates on pregnancy so far:

    • We built the CRIB!!  It was a lot of fun and is super cute!  More images of that process to come!
    • We purchased the chair for the nursery which I will be honest was a HUGE headache!  The COVID-19 closures mean I wasn’t able to just go to Target and sit in the chair and test it out which was soo annoying.  I went back and forth between a bazillion options!  From Amazon to Wayfair to Target to Buy Buy all the chairs started to blend together with the slightest differences that made it hard to choose!  I dove DEEP into reviews and started to think I was going crazy so I just decided to pull the trigger on the one I kept coming back to.  It feels good for that to be done!
    • No real cravings!  Everyone asks what I’m craving and I’ll be honest and say nothing specific.  I do love having an evening chocolate fix but nothing that I have to have.
    • We know the sex of the baby!  YES!  It’s true, we opened the envelop and we do know if it is a boy or a girl!! BUT, we’re not telling :). At least not right now.  🙂
    • I am stuck at home 98% of the time.  To be super careful during this pandemic I don’t leave the house to go to stores or anything except the occasional walk around the neighborhood with Sterling and our dogs.  My aunt and uncle shipped us some N-95 masks so I plan on using that for my next for doctor appointments coming up.  Sterling has also taken extra precautions by lysoling everything before it comes into the house, including all our groceries!  Additionally, my parents made us some homemade hand sanitizer using grain alcohol and other easy to get ingredients.  It smells heavily of evergreen trees and rosemary (think strong gin smell) and does the trick!
    • I have two doctors appointments coming up, one normal check up and one that is a Fetal Echo to check the baby’s heart since I have a history of heart defects in my family.  While I’m excited to check in on this little bean I hate that Sterling can’t go with me and I also don’t love exposing myself to other people (but my doctor’s office is being AMAZING with all of this!).
    • Our due date got unofficially updated from August 7th to August 4th!  They won’t officially change it since it’s just a few days different but they said the baby is measuring more like the 4th.  🙂
    • We had to trade in Sterling’s car for a different vehicle since his truck only had a single bench seat and wouldn’t be safe for a car seat!  He upgraded to a used 2014 GMC truck with plenty of room for car seats and is tickled to have power lock doors and power windows for the first time ever.  He’s also really excited to have gotten a great deal!
    • This baby is ACTIVE!  A WILD thing, especially at night, the baby starts the party at 9:30/10 and keeps it bumpin’ until 2am or so!  Full BIG kicks and punches are SO fun to feel every day!  Sterling can officially feel the baby kick and loves to use a flashlight to get it to respond (which is sometimes does!).   The kicks are my favorite part so far!  The other night I woke up around 2:30am and could feel what can only be described as the baby doing the worm on the dance floor!  A rolling kick/punch combo from one side of my belly to the other!

I will say that while we are SUPER excited for this next adventure, it is very bizarre to be pregnant and expecting during a global pandemic.  I won’t lie and say that I’m keeping it cool as I tend to get some creeping anxieties at night.  We’re praying hard that this all takes a turn for the better soon.  I hate the idea of this baby not being held by close family members or getting to see other people’s facial expressions in person during those important early stages of development.  I think we’re all being affected by this pandemic in one way or another, I’m praying for all of us, especially those who are immunocompromised, at-risk or currently sick!  I’m also looking at all you other pregnant ladies and new moms – I see you girl, this is not easy.  I am grateful for small lights shining through!  I’m extra grateful for:

  • The ability to take an afternoon walk with Sterling and the dogs.
  • Time to plan for our baby
  • A short commute to my living room each day
  • My family’s health and safety
  • Zoom meetups and Marco Polos with great friends!
  • SPRING flowers and weather!

Here’s a look at this baby bump from two weeks ago (haha!).  Hoping to take some more updated images soon 🙂


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