Building the Crib

One of the things I was most looking forward to doing for our baby as new first time parents was picking out and building the crib.  It felt like such a “parent” thing to do and made me feel like I was doing something specific for our baby.  We bought our crib from Target and decided to get the one that will convert into a toddler and then full size bed when she’s older.  We felt oddly particular about which one to get and spent a fair amount of time comparing different styles before settling on the one we picked.  🙂 

Waiting for the crib to be delivered felt like waiting for Christmas morning.  I was just so excited for our first big baby purchase (really our first any kind of baby purchase) to arrive and to build it together.  When it did arrive it was in a HUGE box that there was no way I could lift myself and Sterling happened to be teaching a class so he couldn’t come help me.  Just like a kid waiting for a sweet treat I paced back and forth trying to decide what to do as I just couldn’t wait any longer.  Sterling came down just in time to find me with scissors ready to open the box outside and bring the crib in piece by piece.  🙂

A few days later when we had the time to set it up we definitely make a to do about it.  Sterling used his GoPro to film the process with time lapse and I knew I’d want photos of the process.  After seeing our family album from this past year – Sterling is all on board for getting more and more pictures for the next album.  Plus with his GoPro that I got him for Christmas he has decided he wants to make a year end video which will mash up all the videos from the year.  🙂

With Aladdin (the original) on in the background we sat down and started to build.  Fairly simple and painless to put together, I know this will be a memory I’ll look back on when I’m old and smile.  With the pictures archived I’ll always love looking through this moment in time.

Oh and by the way, you should know that this happened MONTHS ago and while we are still no way prepared for baby girl to come yet, our nursery is starting to come together more and more.  I’ll be sure to blog some updates once it’s done.  🙂


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