Finley’s 2 Months Old!

I think it is entirely possible that each of these blog posts is going to start with “I can’t believe my baby is _____ months old!” or even “I blinked and my baby is _____ months old!”. The reality is that I feel like I did blink and she is so much bigger and more alert and I also can’t believe it!

Finley is two months old (as of last week) and each day gets a little more fun than the last! This month she has been eyes wide open (which you can see in the pictures) and is taking everything in! She loves to look around the house, turning her head this way and that and has started to master sitting up while we hold her so she can get a better view.

She also smiles all the time which is my FAVORITE thing ever! She definitely recognizes Sterling and me because when we come in the room or wake her up she lights up and starts smiling this huge mouthy gummy grin! The only thing is – I can’t get a good picture of it because once I pop out the camera or phone to snag the pic, she’s so interested in it that she’s back to eyes wide open. :).

My favorite part of the day is when she wakes up. She officially gets up each day anywhere from 6-7am and I’ll come up to her bassinett, unwrap her swaddle and she stretches and stretches. Then I’ll say “Good Morning Finley” and she locks eyes with me and I get the biggest smile of the day. She rolls her face back and forth looking at me and smiling and I just melt into a giant puddle, every. single. morning.

She has also started cooing and making all sorts of noises. She loves her changing table and will talk and talk and talk while on it. I’ve even started reading her books while she’s on the changing table because she’s so alert and happy there.

Speaking of favorite places she is officially OBSESSED with her pack and play! It is a black and white pattern with a black and white mobile. You would think this girl was at Disney in her pack and play. She smiles and smiles and flirts with that mobile like it’s no bodies business.

Overall Finley is such a happy baby! She is really only fussy when she’s overly tired before a nap, and during her witching hour between 6pm and 10pm. Even that witching hour is starting to fall away though and she’s getting a little easier each day with bedtime (knock on wood).

It’s funny that before we had her, people would always talk about their own kids getting older and say “oh we always though one stage was our favorite and never wanted it to end until the next thing happened and it was our new favorite!” and I didn’t totally understand until now. I loved her sweet sleepy newborn phase but I LOVE seeing her smile and interact with her world. I’m not wishing it away though for the next thing, this phase is just so fun.

Memorable moments of the month:

  • Our friends Lauren, Andy and their baby Rook came up from Richmond and stayed in a hotel just to visit with us! Rook is just two months older than Finley and Lauren and I are childhood friends from camp! Getting to meet Rook and see these babies meet for the first time (even though they were totally unaware) was SO special! We’ve decided they have no choice but to be friends. :). Also funny enough when one would start fussing or crying, the other would join in as if they understood each other, LOL.
  • Finding her hands! Oh boy does she love to chew on her hands now! It’s pretty cute!
  • Longer and longer sleep stretches at night! HALLELUJAH!
  • Going on walks with my little, Jessie, around our neighborhood! We wear masks and walk around and chat which is so nice!
  • My sister’s 30th birthday celebration! Her boyfriend threw her an outdoor socially distanced brunch at his parents property over looking the bay. It was beautiful and he even had a petting zoo there because my sister loves piggies!
  • Morning walks to Starbucks with Sterling.
  • Finley and I’s early mornings together. We wake up at 6 or 7am and after I feed her we come downstairs, put on the today show and I eat breakfast while she bounces in her bouncy seat. I even get to journal a bit while she hangs out.
  • Her first Raven’s game! She got to watch it at my parents house and my brother and his girlfriend came all the way from Ohio!
  • Face-timing family members – especially those that are farther away. 🙂
  • The smile she made the first time she saw the Disney logo come up when I put on Toy Story after feeding her.
  • Tummy time – it’s not great but she’s getting better and doesn’t hate it as much. She mostly just lays there though…
  • Bath time! We moved her baby bath tub up from the main bath tub and onto the kitchen countertop by the sink. SO much easier! Now Sterling doesn’t have to get into the tub fully clothed with her anymore 🙂

Lauren is my friend from camp – We’ve been friends since we were kids and then got pregnant just 6 weeks apart! They came all the way up from Richmond and we met up outside to socially distance and see each other. We wore masks the whole time except for these pictures when we held our breath. 🙂 So special to have babies together and watch these girls grow up together. Little do they know they have no choice but to be friends. 🙂

A side by side look at what motherhood is like. 🙂

Now for some iPhone images

Thank you Miranda for these CUTIE sunglasses!
Dad had to put her in Ole Miss gear for the first game!
Her first bottle! We sometimes do bottles at night for her dream feed so that Sterling can have that special bonding time with her.
She got to meet our friend Bobby – Uncle Bobby is the greatest and stopped by on his way back down to North Carolina to sit on the front porch and chat with us!
I think it’s safe to say she’s getting a bit of a personality.
Sitting up with help1

And now a look back – comparing the month one to month two!

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