2021 Mini Season Recap

Whew! My mini-season was FAST and furious!! Over the course of two weekends (plus two rescheduled dates for weather), I met with 25 families and spent 12.5 hours taking pictures for them! I culled through thousands of images to find the best for each family and spent roughly 50+ hours editing! All in all, I delivered 2,424 images (which is a little deceptive because it includes the black and white duplicates). Whew!

Minis can be physically exhausting and at times slightly embarrassing seeing as I will do just about anything for the smile, including pretending to fart on families… (it seriously works though so you can’t stop me). However, it’s the silly moments that I love when everyone is giggling and letting go and melting into each other, these are the best! These are the moments I yearn for when I start a session and I LOVE delivering these images to families.

The other images I love dearly are the sweet ones. The moments when someone is feeling shy or sad and magic cure is snuggling mom or dad. These images melt my heart. I love how you can feel how deep they love and appreciate each other.

This year I made a point to slow down while shooting. To wait for the moments and be more intentional. Instead of going fast fast fast and clicking my camera as quickly as possible in the hopes that I’d get what I wanted. I tried really hard to pause and wait for what I wanted or even to create the images that I wanted. It worked because oh lord do I love what I created and delivered to all twenty-five families.

So without further ado, here are my favorites from the 2021 Mini recap.

Note: Not all families are comfortable sharing their family images and so I don’t share images from their sessions.

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