Brannock Party of 5! Manassas Battlefield Spring Family Session

You may remember seeing this family before on my blog, the first time being in 2015 when it was just baby Lucas! Wow has my editing style improved since then! Jacquelyn is my big from our sorority and so we’ve known each other for a long time and had a lot of goofy times together, a lot of which involved Chanello’s pizza 🙂 Well now she is a momma to not just one sweet boy like in 2015 but three! These blonde cuties are sweet like Jac and goofs like their dad Quest! We always end each session with the boys picking a pose for their own goofy solo portrait. These have ranged from big-shot baseball players, to Captain America, to cowboys, etc. Always so fun and I love that they love this little tradition. 🙂

For this session, we met up in Northern Virginia at the Manassas Battlefield. Jac is the BEST and picks out coordinating outfits that work well together and aren’t too matchy-matchy. Her outfits for her boys have a great vibe of neutral and polished but not so formal or dressy that the boys feel stiff. The mix of blues, mints, white, and khaki looked great together and popped so nicely on the green background.

The other thing I love about meeting up with this family is because I’ve been taking their pictures for so long, it’s very comfortable for them to jump in front of the camera. We are able to get great images because we all trust one another and the process. The silly nature of the boys and goofing around plus the sweet cuddles with their momma are simply the best to witness and be a part of.

Family Portraits in Manassas Virginia with three young boys dressed in mint, white, khaki, and light blue.

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  1. The way you’ve captured the fun and loving spirit of this family is truly heartwarming, and their perfectly coordinated outfits really stand out against the beautiful backdrop of the location!

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