Midlothian Mines Park Spring Family Portraits

The Saturday that the Lind family and I met for our session we had perfect weather! Seventy five degrees, sunny, and just a splash of fluffy clouds painting the bright blue sky. This was my first time photographing the Lind family. Courtney and Eric have four kiddos all under 3 (almost 4) years old, two of which are twin girls! When I met up with them they were all so sweetly dressed in blue tones and all the girls matched in blue sear-sucker outfits and blue bows. Y’all know I’m a sucker for a bow so having three girls in matching bows was precious!

With four littles our session was a lot of juggling and chasing after curious minds which made it all the more fun getting moments of them paused and looking straight at the camera or being thrown up in the air. I love the sweet snuggles in these photos and the gorgeous light on their blonde hair. I’m swooning over their bright sparkly eyes in each photo and the HUGE smile of the youngest baby. What was so sweet about this session was trying to capture each kiddos distinct personality. As a child of four I know that each of us is uniquely different and I wanted to make sure I got a great photo of each kiddo in their natural state. Enjoy!

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