Picking a Newborn Photographer

How to Pick a Newborn Photographer

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The reality of this blog post is that I could be writing it about any type of photography, newborns, family, seniors, weddings etc. etc. etc.  But recently I’ve had my mind on newborn photography and I got thinking about what I would one day want (not pregnant PS.) in a newborn photographer.  Would I want to have a lifestyle session?  Would I want fresh 48 images?  Birth photography!?  These are all options that I honestly don’t know the answers to, and since I’m not pregnant I don’t really have to think about it too long.  But if you are pregnant, you may be thinking of these questions, or maybe not.  I’m here to help you know what you probably should consider. Read More »

Beat the Heat! 3 Tips for a Successful Summer Portrait Session

Summer is the BEST!  Well except for the bugs… and the insane heat… and the hair frizz?…. and the humidity…?  Let’s be honest, summer looks like an amazing time to take pictures, and it is!  You may have a little more free time, your kids aren’t in school, you can get great outdoor images with flowers and lush greens in the background, PLUS your outfits can be a little more freeing and fun!  While all this is true, there is one big downer that can turn any summer portrait session to the dirt… the heat.  More specifically, the humidity which is just killer for us in below the Mason Dixon Line.  So what can you do to have a great summer portrait session that will beat the heat and feel amazing!  Keep reading!  I’ve got three big planning tips that are necessary to survive your summer portrait session (especially if you have kids). Read More »

Why You Should Hire a Photographer. Editing Matters.

In this day and age most people have a camera because many people have phones that include cameras.  Not only that but a lot of people recognize the benefit of using a DSLR camera and have bought one for themselves and their growing families.  So the question is, if you can take these images yourself in the comfort of your day to day life and possibly even your PJs then why would you pay for a professional photographer?  Read More »

Getting Inspired by Others.

Getting Inspired by Others.
A Tribute to the Blogs I Follow Daily


When I first got my camera, I was beyond excited.  I took pictures of everything and anything and found so much joy in my easy Auto Mode.  I mean how cool was it that I had this amazing new camera and it took such great pictures right out the gate!  Well folks, this feeling of Auto land love swiftly vanished when I started to feel as though I was missing out.  I quickly realized that I didn’t just want to own a DSLR, but I wanted to shoot with it and really test myself creatively.  So I decided to learn manual mode.  As I’ll say in a later post about learning to shoot in manual, this decision was the best one I’ve ever made with my camera.  But I didn’t do it alone.  Read More »

Behind the Lens Series – My Favorite Lens

The “Behind the Lens” series is for you!  The photographer who wants to learn more or see what’s going on behind the lens.  You know, when I’m sitting in my fuzzy socks and trying to manage a growing business all the while learning new tricks, tools and skills to help me.  This series will give insight into what has helped me, what I’ve learned and the tips and tricks that I love!

Today’s topic, my favorite lens to shoot with 🙂 Read More »