A Year of Love

I can’t believe that’s it’s already been a year!  One year ago today Sterling asked me to marry him!  It was a year ago that we went to a corn maze and for just a fun Saturday ended up at JMU for a night of reminiscing.  It was a year ago today that we parked and walked around JMU at night while it was lit up so pretty and talked about all the fun we had when we first started our relationship.  It was a year ago today that Sterling ignored an Ole Miss game while we ate dinner (which should have been a give away).  And then at 10pm one year ago today Sterling and I sat down on the quad looking at Wilson Hall and he asked me to marry him.  It was magical.

It has been one crazy year let me tell you.  Not only did we get engaged but we hit a bunch of other fun and new milestones.Read More »

Miranda and Pete – Engaged in LA!

Miranda and I have been friends for a long time, since 8th grade to be exact!  It all started when she came to SPSG from Park School and we hit it off right away.  I’m not sure exactly the moment or the conversation that started our friendship but we bonded over a love for Tommy Boy, funny accents and just being all around goofy.  Our sleepovers were full of corny movies, snacks – lots and lots and lots of snacks and of course talking about boys.  We were friends through our first big crushes (who will of course remain nameless), dances – Calvert Hall dances in which we spent way to much time getting ready, our first boyfriends, heart breaks, and everything else in between.

When you’ve been friends this long you seen it all and know almost everything about each other.  So when we were younger we used to dream up the perfect future guy for each of us.  Then we would try to pretend that the guys we were with were those perfect fits without being able to conceptualize anything different.  But I always had a feeling about Miranda’s future husband.  He had to be someone who was quirky and fun loving, who didn’t take himself too seriously but could also held a reverence for the world and what it has to offer.  Someone who would want to go to the museum and look at ancient Maps but also would have a fabulous sense of humor.  Pete is all of this and more.  So much more!! He’s a perfect fit.  You can tell he challenges her in and compliments her all at the same time and adores her.

So when Miranda asked me to fly out to Los Angeles and take their engagement pictures, I jumped at the chance! I took two personal days from work and hopped on a plane to head west for the weekend.  The best part of the weekend was that it felt as though no time had passed.  We spent the whole weekend, laughing, reminiscing and celebrating all the exciting changes that are happening.

When we set out to do the engagement session I knew it was going to be fantastic because they were both so willing to do whatever it took to get beautiful images and boy did we ever.  We started the day exploring a nature trail in the desert right outside of Malibu.  What is neat about LA is that we were in the desert – the d.e.s.e.r.t. and yet we could comfortably wear jeans and a t-shirt.  It was warm without being hot and because there isn’t any humidity it is just comfortable.  It didn’t take long to find good location spots.  We got out of the car and before we even started I knew we hit a gold mine.  The light was perfect!  So at the very entrance of the trail – right next to the parking lot, I had them start posing because everything about it was gorgeous.

After the trail we went out to get lunch and then headed over to Matador Beach for some beautiful beach images.  I mean when you live in LA you have to get some images at the beach.  Well this was probably one of the most gorgeous places I’ve been too but we weren’t the only ones there with the same idea.  In fact I’d be willing to bet that there was around 10 other photographers there doing portrait sessions ranging from family sessions to engagements to maternity to fashion.  Considering the beach was relatively narrow it felt packed and slightly overwhelming because people were obviously staking out the good spots.  Even through the crowds though we were able to some really amazing images.  And the sunset was unbelievable.

Miranda and Pete – I feel so blessed to have gotten to come visit you guys and take these images.  I’m obsessed with the images and I’m so happy for the two of you!  You are both so open hearted and kind and I love having you both in my life.  Thank you for a wonderful weekend and letting me be a tourist in your super cool town!  (And taking me to Whole Foods to secretly look for celebs) OH AND PETE!! Thanks for the AMAZING FOOD! This guy needs to be on his own cooking show – seriously AMAZING!


Virginia Beach Engagement Session – Mike and Kevyn

This past weekend I was surrounded by love.  I went to a wedding of two good friends from JMU that have been dating since high school!  I was surrounded by some of the best friends as we danced the night away while celebrating a love that has been a perfect fit since day one.  Then, I got to meet up with two other friends from JMU who also have been dating forever and are also a perfect fit!  Read More »

Sarah & Sean Engagement Session

Heading down to Williamsburg a few weekends ago felt particularly special.  I was offered the chance to take Sarah and Sean’s engagement pictures in a place where they had their first date and where they got engaged!  Now I love Williamsburg and all its’ historic charm so when Sarah suggested it I was definitely on board.

We had the session booked for the golden hour on Saturday and on Friday at school when talking to Sarah about the session she mentioned “hey have you seen the weather….?”.  Me being the person I am hadn’t checked the weather since… I went to the beach in August?  So when she said it would be raining I started going into backup plan mode.  We talked about other dates but with her closing day and move in weekend on their brand new home (which they were building, a total dream of mine) coming soon, dates were looking tight.  I mentioned to her that if it was overcast we could still do it during any time of the day.  We decided to go with the flow, plan for early afternoon in Williamsburg and see what happened.

Well the weather was perfect for us!  It was overcast which provided some great even lighting and the rain held off until about 15 minutes after we ended the session.  We started in historic Williamsburg on the bench where Sean proposed and then worked our way around finding little nooks and crannies (Williamsburg’s specialty).  I love these images, especially since Sarah is such a dear work friend and Sean, even though I don’t know him well, is an Orioles fan so I know he is a great guy!


Randi & Sean Engaged

A North Beach Engagement Session
I first met Randi in high school when I was singing in 7th Avenue (one of our high school’s a cappella groups).  Randi was an alumna of St. Paul’s and of our a cappella group and she would graciously come back to coach us.  She arranged our music and spend hours upon hours helping us learn our music.  She is the type of person that gives endlessly to others because she loves to help.  Sean is a perfect match for her as he is an ER nurse, and as anyone can attest, nurses consistently give to others with out asking for anything in return.   
When I reunited with Randi and met Sean, I knew instantly it would be a wonderful and relaxed session.  We met up at North Beach, a small beach off of the Chesapeake Bay right outside of DC.  It is the cutest small town with a large pier, sandy beach, painted murals, a boardwalk and little antique shops.  The weather was perfect, warm but not blasting hot and with a cloudless sky, the light was beautiful.  
Randi, Sean, Sean’s mom and I walked around town and down little paths to private beaches, avoided snakes and got a little wet while wading in the bay.  A huge thank you to Sean’s Mom who was so helpful the whole day!  
As you’ll see in these images, Randi and Sean’s love shines in all of their interactions.  We spent the whole day laughing.  They were such naturals in front of the camera, I barely had to do any direction, they just instantly snuggled up and showed off their deep connection.  These images showcase some of my favorites from each location, but I have to be honest and say that I had a hard time narrowing down the selection since I just LOVE them all.  Enjoy these stunning images and to Randi and Sean, congratulations, you two are a match made in heaven and are destined to have a wonderful life together!  

Katie and Hagan Pt. 2

I honestly wasn’t sure that these pictures could top the last bunch because I loved them so much.  And then we got to Dellwood Plantation, Katie and Hagan’s venue and everything just came together perfectly.  The light was beautiful, the grounds were so pretty and then the owners brought over one of the horses for us to photograph with.  This session holds some of my favorite images, of all time.  Hope you enjoy taking a peak!

Katie & Hagan Engaged

Pt. 1: The Fan District 
I should start off by saying that Katie is my room mate and when she asked if I would mind taking her engagement pictures at two locations I said of course, we’ll do a two parter!! So this is part one and was taken around our house in the fan.  Part two will be at their venue, Dellwood Plantation near Chesterfield.  
I’ve known Katie since she was a COB (continuous open bid) for Alpha Phi my sophomore year.  We spent a lot of time together in the sorority from recruitment, to Aphiasco week, to Greek Sing and I knew she had a pretty serious boyfriend from Bridgewater.  Katie and Hagan met at a JMU get together even though Hagan played football at Bridgewater as the quarterback.  It was an unlikely match as she was the “nerdy” (her words) Bio major and he was the football star.  Though you wouldn’t think to match them up, they were instantly attracted to each other, proving that opposites really do attract.  
It wasn’t until we moved in to our townhouse in Richmond that I really got to know Hagan and their relationship.  Hagan is the sweetest guy and would do anything for Katie, heck he will even go to 7-11 and pick me up a Diet Coke just to be nice.  They are the type of couple that just likes to be together, whether it is going to short pump to pick something up, making dinner together or watching movies on the couch, they love each other’s company.  
What I loved most about this session was how genuine they are and how comfortable they were with each other and with me.  Half of the images were Hagan and Katie’s idea which was so refreshing and fun!  Hagan would say “Hey Alex, let’s get a picture of me giving her this flower!”  I knew these images would be stunning and even though I am slightly biased, I think they are lovely.  🙂  I’m sure you’ll know exactly what I mean when you see how stunning the two of them are!  

Happy In Love

Erin and Adam are the type of couple that are so in love everyone can tell, instantly.  I work with Erin and when she asked me to take her pictures I enthusiastically said YES!  She is such a fun and down to earth person, I knew that it would be a blast.  Knowing that her and Adam were both UVA grads, Charlottesville seems like the idillic place to capture their love.  We met up at a sandwich place Lil John’s for lunch and meeting Adam for the first time I couldn’t help but notice that he is sooo tall!! She is 5’3″ and he’s 6’7″ 🙂

As we walked around UVA I asked them to show me around and take me to places that they loved while at UVA.  Obviously we went to the lawn and then headed to the Whispering Wall, the place where Adam first told Erin he was crazy about her! 🙂

Being around these two was not only fun, as we walked around and laughed through the day, but also such a treat to get a glipse of their love for each other.  They are so natural and comfortable with each other that their love shines through the pictures.  As they eskimo kiss and laugh through each moment together, there is no question that these two not only genuinely love one another but also deeply appreciate each other.

Congratulations on your engagement and thanks for letting me be a part of your journey to marriage!
Here are some of my favorites!



 <3 amr

They’re Engaged!

The excitement building up to this shoot has been a long time coming, considering Amanda asked me to take these pictures before they were engaged :).  Amanda and I work together and having the chance to get to know her and Jamie has been a treat.  There is no question that they were meant to be.  They compliment each other so well, keeping each other laughing and balanced, traits that are sure to make for a happy marriage!

We headed down to Belle Isle to take these pictures and I’m sure they were annoyed after awhile with my constant proclamation of “You’re getting married!!!”.  They were great sports and we had a great time walking around the island and exploring pretty places with colorful backgrounds.  It was perfect weather and beautiful fall colors as the leaves seemed to change just for them.

Here are a bunch of my favorites from the day that make it obvious to the world just how much these two love each other.  Cheers to a happy engagement, a beautiful wedding and loving marriage!  Thanks for letting me be part of your happiness, I’m so happy to share these!

Perfect ending as he proposed while fishing.  

<3 amr