Fairfax Family’s Newborn Session

My dear friend and Alpha Phi sister from JMU welcomed her second son into her family this past month and her family of four is precious.  You may remember their family session from last spring which had beautiful bright pink colors from those spring blooms.  Looking back at just a year ago it’s crazy to see how much their first son Lincoln has changed!  He was so much smaller.  Now he’s grown into such a sweet big brother to baby Theo.  While I can’t speak from experience, I would imagine that many parents bringing home a second baby worry about how the first baby will feel and react.  Christina and Erik are over the moon to see how caring and helpful Lincoln is as a big brother!  You should have seen how sweetly excited he got when it was his turn to hold his baby brother.  He was perfectly calm and stepped up to the responsibility like a champ!  Read More »

Jones – 1 Year!

This second session I did with the Jones family last spring was magical!  The first session I had with them was last year’s Holiday Mini and I fell in love with this sweet baby girl.  Fast forward to the spring and now we have a spirited little one who makes the funniest faces!! She is so full of spunk and fun!  This family is another one of those families who was more interested in the candids of their daughter playing and exploring (as you know – my favorite!).  Read More »

Fun With The Benachia Family

My ideal clients are the ones that want genuine candids of their kids just being kids and playing.  These are the families where we get a few formal family portraits together but then spend most of the session just running around and playing – it’s my favorite!  The reason is because I love to get images that show children’s expressions and true personality!  This is why I don’t prefer wedding photography – I think it’s beautiful and I love being able to design a shot and it turning out how I envisioned but I find myself missing moments that capture the spirit which I get when I work with children and families.Read More »

Meet Madelyn!

It feels as if it wasn’t that long ago that I burst into cheerful screams as Sarah told me she was pregnant!  Sarah is one of my dear friends from teaching at Quioccasin!  We taught together for years but didn’t become close until I joined her as her Assistant (to the) Cheerleading Coach.  I genuinely don’t know why she kept me on as I have zero cheerleading experience and was mostly only good for keeping count and giving a “good job” every once in a while. 🙂  None the less the intensity that is middle school cheerleading allowed us to bond over movie (and TV) quotes and cheer dance moves which quickly turned into a great friendship.  Read More »

Deihr Newborn – Milestone 2

There is something so special about getting to work with a new family.  A new baby that makes a woman a mother and a man a father.  A precious little baby, innocent, soft, perfect little baby that changes everything and whose new life brings light into the world.   I love getting to be a part of this.  When I went to visit with Kayleigh and Bryan it was like walking into a precious secret garden.  I got invited into their world of excitement and spent time with them celebrating their new life. Beautiful baby Deihr was perfect.  He was sweet, patient, observant, quiet, and blessed with two amazing parents.  Read More »

Downtown Charlottesville – 2nd Milestone – Roland Turns One!

Can I just start by saying, I can’t wait for you to scroll down!  These images are GORGEOUS!!! I don’t mean to be a braggy beesh but… holy kamoli they are really pretty!  After a raincheck for our first date we picked a Sunday afternoon in late August.  It worked perfectly because the temperature had broken, the light was gorgeous and meeting up at the downtown mall of Charlottesville made for a great back drop.  A gorgeous turquoise wall paired with a handmade quilt, a brick wall with ivy growing up it all paired with the perfect light!  Seriously this light made white balance easy!

I’m so happy with these images because I feel like I’m starting to see the big picture of telling a story in a session.  Not just that but I love capturing moments that represent true personalities and not just beauty.  This little man is so full of personality he made it really easy!  He is a giggle machine who loves his parents and especially loves BB-8 (the droid robot int he new star wars movie)!  As soon as BB came out he was all lit up, giving hugs galore to his cute little friend.  Beyond Ro’s easy going, bubbly personality, his parents are the greatest!  They’re fun to be with, easy to talk to and their ability to go with the flow makes for great candids!  The best part of all of this?  We still have at least one more session booked!!  I can’t wait to see how Ro grows even more!

Enjoy some fun – lifestyle-esc images from downtown charlottesville with this cute family of three. 🙂


Milestone 1: Meet the Harrigans!

Friends, you are in for a real treat.  Seriously.  I am in love with these images and more in love with this family of three.  Amy and Joel are best friends with Sterling’s sister Sarah, you know Sarah, you’ve seen her here, and here oh and here. 🙂   I’ve met Amy and Joel a few times in the past so I was instantly excited when they contacted me about setting up a session and then, they signed up for MILESTONES (I could sing, I love Milestones sessions!).Read More »